Every citizen of the country is being given Rs 7500 for free, know what is the truth?

Every citizen of the country is being given Rs 7500 for free, know what is the truth?
Rumors continue amid rising cases of coronavirus. Every citizen of the country is getting Rs 7,500 for free of charge . A message goes viral on social media platform WhatsApp, claiming that a relief fund of Rs 7,500 is being given to each citizen freed from cost. The virus claims within the message that the FG Lockdown Fund is giving people relief funds. People are being paid.

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The viral message claims that folks are being given Rs 7,500 free from the FG lockdown fund. The FGA has approved the distribution of free money. A link to urge free relief funds is provided. This describes the tactic of claiming Rs. 7500. Claimants need to provide their personal information by clicking on the link. It states that this is often a limited offer.

However, the Press Information Bureau's fact-check unit has dismissed the message as fake. PIB tweeted that the link provided may be a clickbat. watch out for such fraudulent websites and WhatsApp.
The history of Press Information Bureau are often traced back to the primary war Years,
when a Central Publicity Board came into existence under the house Member of the colonial
Government. Later a Cell was found out within the Home Department in June 1919 under Dr. L. F.
Rushbrook Williams, to organize per annum a report on India, for presentation to British Parliament .
In the following year, the functions of the Cell were amplified to supply and supervise “the
distribution of correct information on all India questions” and to tell Departments of
Government of “particular questions on which popular opinion is exercised and on which further
information is needed”. Towards the top of 1920, the Cell was rechristened as ‘Central Bureau of
Information’ and Dr. L. F. Rushbrook Williams became its Director. The designation of the top
of the Bureau was changed from Director to Principal Information Officer in 1938. Shri
J.Natarajan became the primary Indian in 1941 to be appointed as Principal Information Officer and therefore the
Organization’s name was changed to Press Information Bureau in 1946. The bureau’s functions as

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visualized by Dr.Williams were as follows:
(i) To present material within the form required by the Press i.e news stories.
(ii) to supply an “agency” news service, reporting facts without comment.
(iii) To exclude any material of a communal nature; and
(iv) Rigorous exclusion of political or controversial nature, except when due to a
definite source.

Upon attainment of Independence, the scope of the Bureau underwent further changes. The
Bureau wasn't only to offer factual information on the programmes, policies and activities of the
Government but was also entrusted with additional and more delicate task of interpreting those facts
and Government policies. With the arrival of sophisticated media related technology, expansion of
Government activities and varied media requirements, the role of PIB has, since independence,
been expanding and become more complex

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