Reliance Jio brings four add-on packs, Hotstar and up to 240GB of data

Reliance Jio brings four add-on packs, Hotstar and up to 240GB of data

Reliance Jio never lags behind when it comes to new plans and new offers. Disney + Hotstar VIP package is also being offered in the new plan of Rs 401 to compete with Indian Airtel. In response, Geo has now launched four Hotstar data add-on packs but not only Disney + Hotstar data add-on packs are offering users up to 240 GB of data.
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Reliance Jio has launched some new 6 packs, two of which also offer voice calling benefits and the remaining four packs are data add-ons. Along with all these packs, the user is also being offered a free subscription to Disney + Hotstar VIP. Recharge can be done with add-on packs with existing plan. Currently the user is getting four new options.

Data add-on pack of Rs 612Earlier in the Rs 612 add-on plan, the user also gets voice calling benefits. This is the only voucher that also offers FUP minutes for calling on the remaining networks. It offers 6000 FUP for calling on non-Geo networks. Apart from this, unlimited data benefits of 72 GB are also being offered. The validity of this plan will be the same as the existing plan to the user but it is offering Disney + Hotstar subscription for one year.

1004 data add-on packThis add-on pack from Reliance Jio offers Disney + Hotstar subscription for one year at no extra cost. The user will also get 200 GB data benefit in this plan and it is not necessary to be on the active plan number already. In this plan everyone can recharge and its standalone validity is given 120 days.

Data add-on pack of Rs 1206The company has introduced a third add-on pack of Rs 1206 with 180 days stand-alone validity. It is offering 240 GB of data to the user. Data benefits will be received for 180 days and the remaining data will expire after the validity period. This plan can also be taken by users who use more data at any time and no base plan is required for this.

1208 planGeo is getting this very interesting plan, which costs only 2 rupees more than the previous plan. The rest of the benefits are the same as the previous plan and it also comes with 240 GB of data.

What is this plan offering in just 2 extra rupees, if you also have this question then this plan is offering 240 days validity as compared to 180 days of previous plan. That means you don't have to take the tension to complete the validity before 240 GB of data is completed

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