Instead of Made in China, Chinese companies are now offering these products to customers. Please check before buying.

Instead of Made in China, Chinese companies are now offering these products to customers. Please check before buying.

In various products we are reading the name 'Made in PRC'. Suddenly these labeled products have risen within the market. From clothes to electronics items, we see 'Made in PRC'. This Made in PRC is nothing but a modified name for 'Made in China'!

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Awareness campaign for boycott of Chinese products goes on in India. People are beginning to avoid buying Chinese products. Instead, choose an alternate product. People like better to buy products from countries aside from China if they are doing not have an indigenous alternative to the merchandise they have , but the typical consumer is alienated from cheap but spicy Chinese products.

Chinese companies are manipulating consumers during this way

Chinese companies are able to deliver their goods to the purchasers albeit Abad escapes from this example . China has found its crack. The word 'Made in China' has become negative within the minds of the Indian people, so China, realizing that the merchandise can't be sold thereunder name, has now started writing 'Made in PRC'.

The average Indian consumer doesn't know that 'Made in PRC' is simply another name for Made in China! The official name of China is 'People's Republic of China'. The short name of the People's Republic of China is PRC. China has now started writing 'Made in PRC' altogether its products. I.e. ‘Made within the People’s Republic of China’.

To get obviate the negative image of 'Made in China', China has started rebranding as 'Made in PRC'. Which makes it easier to bring Chinese goods home by misleading consumers not only from India, but from everywhere the planet .

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