How To secure your WhatsApp account

How To secure your WhatsApp account
Everyone's personal data is saved on WhatsApp. So if the phone is lost and stolen, there can be a great deal of trouble. In it, users can save themselves with WhatsApp data backup.

Allow the SIM card to be blocked

If your phone is lost or stolen, you should first block your SIM card. For this you can call Customer Care as per your network provider. You can then login to WhatsApp for a second time with the new SIM. So if you log in to WhatsApp on any other mobile with the same Sam number, the old WhatsApp will be logged out on the old phone.

Send a message to WhatsApp email id

Not only that, but you can also log out of your own WhatsApp account using email. For that you have to enter your mobile number along with the country code (+91). Then Lost / Stolen: Please deacticate account. Later this message will have to be sent to the official email id of WhatsApp. So within a few minutes the WhatsApp account will be activated and all your personal information will be deleted from WhatsApp.

Two-step verification
This is one of the great features of WhatsaApp for security purposes. Go to your WhatsApp settings to activate this feature. Where you need to create a passcode number 6 after going into the account option. Then every time you reset your phone, you will have to enter the number 6 passcode for the second time login. This feature can be very helpful when a phone is stolen or lost. It is worth mentioning that WhatsApp has more than 200 million users worldwide. The most popular messaging app in the world.


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