Whatsapp New Feature Dark mode Full specifications

Whatsapp New Feature Dark mode Full specifications
WhatsApp is updating new features for its users, now the card mode feature has been released in this link. That is, WhatsApp has updated the Dark Mode feature for all Android and iOS users.

To use WhatsApp's dark mode, you need to go to the Google Play Store and download the latest version of WhatsApp. Then you can use WhatsApp's dark mood feature on your mobile. WhatsApp says that with the help of the dark mood feature, it will not affect the eyes of the users, and the brightness of the mobile will have to be used less.

According to WhatsApp, users of Android 10 and iOS 13 can also set this default. However, according to the media report, some people are not able to update this feature even after updating WhatsApp.

IOS and Android 10 users are enabled in such a way .....

First update / download the latest version of WhatsApp
Then go to "Mobile Settings"
Select the Display and Brightness option here
Then turn on the dark mode
As you select the Dark Mode option in your mobile, your WhatsApp will be enabled in the Dark mode.

Android 9 and earlier users use this way .....

First, update / download WhatsApp latest
Then go to WhatsApp settings
Go to Chat option and go to Theme Options here
Then select Select Dark



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