Oath taking ceremony LIVE: Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel's new cabinet sworn in this afternoon, all BJP MLAs ordered to reach Gandhinagar

Tensions between three different groups for bigger positions escalated and the matter went to Modi's court

Amit Shah's mediation to two groups for positions is not allowed!

Last-minute swearing-in raises fears of no-repeat theory

Patidar - 7 to 8, other gold - 5, OBC - 8 to 10, Dalit - 2, Adivasi - 2 to 3 can be ministers

Bhupendra Patel was sworn in as the new Chief Minister of Gujarat on Monday. He took charge of the CM after completing the swearing-in ceremony and visited the flood-hit areas in Saurashtra. The swearing in ceremony of Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel's cabinet will be held this afternoon. The party has asked all MLAs to be present at Raj Bhavan in Gandhinagar at 10 am. New faces may find a place in Bhupendra Patel's new cabinet and old ministers may not be included in the cabinet.

The MLAs were instructed to reach Raj Bhavan on Tuesday night

According to BJP sources, all the MLAs were instructed by the party after 11 pm on Tuesday to reach the Raj Bhavan at 10 pm, but no reason was given. With the arrival of the Raj Bhavan, it is clear that there is a swearing-in ceremony of the cabinet. The old ministers lobbied till the last minute to get a place in the cabinet. However, party leaders are of the view that the no-repeat theory should be applied as the last-minute swearing-in was decided a day early.

New faces could find a place in Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel's cabinet.

New faces could find a place in Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel's cabinet.

Some senior ministers may find a place

A veteran BJP leader said that since Bhupendra Patel was the new chief minister, his team would also have new members. Earlier it was said that there would be some senior ministers in this cabinet, but that is not going to happen. All ministers will be new. Of course, ministers who are senior as MLAs will definitely be in this cabinet. Caste and region-wise equations are taken into account. The cabinet is likely to have a full-size cabinet of 27 members instead of 22 or 25 members.

Subtracting 7 out of 11 from the Rupani government, 4 can get a place

The swearing in ceremony of the new Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel's cabinet has been held in Gujarat today. Then 16 ministers are likely to be sworn in by reducing the size of 22 ministers in the Rupani government, of which only Dilip Thakor, Ganpat Vasava and Jayesh Radadia are likely to be repeated out of the 11 cabinet ministers in the Rupani government. With the exception of 7 out of 11 state-level Rupani governments, only 4 ministers can be accommodated.

Last Monday, Bhupendra Patel was sworn in as the Chief Minister.

Last Monday, Bhupendra Patel was sworn in as the Chief Minister.

Young leaders can be included in the ministry

In the new cabinet, former home minister Pradipsinh Jadeja may be given the status of a cabinet-level minister, but Pradipsinh will be given another portfolio instead of the home department. Ahmedabad's Amraiwadi MLA Jagdish Patel is likely to be made Home Minister instead of Pradipsinh Jadeja, while Rajkot MLA Govindbhai Patel may be given the education portfolio instead of Bhupendrasinh Chudasama. Two women may also be included in Bhupendra Patel's new cabinet. Among the new ministers, MLAs below the age of 60 are most likely to be given ministerial posts.

The new cabinet will have many new faces and experiments

According to sources, Bhupendra Patel's cabinet will have many new faces and experiments. At present, where there is only one woman MLA in the cabinet, it can be replaced by two to three women ministers. There is an anti-incumbency factor against the BJP government, with the exception of members who are much needed to curb it, most of the faces will be new and some will become ministers in the first term. In addition, the balance of caste and region will naturally be maintained.

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