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We’ve completely redesigned the app and added a widget!

Brightness Control is not yet another Brightness Manager. Unlike traditional Brightness Management applications, Brightness Control allows you to set up to 10 custom presets and select one of those presets with one click. You are not limited with predefined presets !!!

The brightness control is very flexible – each present can be adjusted to any value between 10 and 255 (4% ​​- 100%). It also shows you the auto-brightness button, so you no longer have to visit settings to select automatic brightness.

સમાચાર વાંચો શીક્ષકોની ક્ષમતા તો મપાશે જ, શિક્ષણ સમિતિએ સાત પુસ્તકોની પ્રશ્નોત્તરીનું કર્યું આયોજન

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