July School Time Latest News

July School Time Latest News

School is the place where education is taken. "School is an institution where the physical, mental, intellectual and moral qualities of children are developed. The word 'school' is used in the Anglo language for the word 'school', which is derived from the Greek word 'skohla' or ' Skhole', which means - 'Vacation'.

This meaning seems a bit strange. But the reality is that in ancient Greece, the places of leisure were addressed by the name of the school. 'Self-development'. Which was practiced at a fixed place called Vacation.

Gradually these leisure places became institutions of knowledge imparting a definite purpose and curriculum i.e. schools. There are many schools in India. Schools in the country A small list of which is written here.

Schools in ancient India were in the form of Gurukul. These were often held in the Guru's house or in a monastery. In the time of the Mughals, 'Madrasas' were started to educate the children.

According to English documents, schools were common in the country in the 18th century. It was common throughout the country to have temples, mosques and a school in the village. They taught reading, writing, theology, law, astronomy, ethics, life, medicine, and religion

In the British Empire, Christian missionaries from England, America and other countries opened missionary and residential schools. As they became famous, some schools were opened, and some schools also got respect.

Today in most schools, English rules are followed in the discipline and curriculum while teaching. Today there are many education boards/manls in India. For example: Central Board of Secondary Education, CICSC and other State/State Boards etc.

Languages, maths, science, physics/physics, chemistry/chemistry, biology, geography/geography, history, general knowledge, computer science are commonly taught nowadays. Apart from this, sports, singing, painting and drama are also organized in schools.

The Government of India, to improve the lives of children, launched a scheme like Mid Day Meal Meal. Under this scheme, free lunch is provided to children in many government/government recognized schools.

Thereby serving 120,000,000 children in over 1,265,000 schools. This scheme being run to help children in the world is the largest. The scheme was launched in 1995, and since then many changes have been made in it.


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