The idea is not to go to schools regularly right now. One evening I went to my friend's clinic. My friend Sharadbhai is a doctor. He has many patients. His clinic runs from morning to evening. The patient who comes to them may not be able to read and write and may also come by car. 

I had time today so I reached his hospital at nine o'clock. Sharadbhai had a patient line ready out there. One patient after another came and went to the doctor, I was sitting next to the doctor and watching. He had a fever for two days. The doctor gave him medicine after penance. Explaining, he said, 'Look .. 

There are three medicines in one paddy. One white, one yellow and one pink. Take a whole paddle. After a second lunch, and this third evening meal, this is a two-day medicine. There are six paddies in total. And a separate paddle on which I rubbed with a ballpoint pen if it feels like vomiting or nausea ... " How many cares! 

Everybody cares! Someone prescribed medicine and said to take the medicine and show it. Only then to take it. It also appeared in his eyes that Savitaben understood the emphasis given in this sentence. "Why are you Sureshbhai?" The doctor asked. * Fever has been coming for two days. "Sureshbhai said. The doctor examined and gave the medicine.

It was a little different from the medicine given to Savitaben. Some were the same, all packed together and also written from outside. "No, there is no need. Let's see." Sit up. The doctor gives different instructions for each. Sometimes explains. Sometimes with a ballpoint pen. Sometimes speaks of the color of the drug. 

Thus lasted until noon. In the afternoon, when my friend left for work, I said, 'Four, aren't you bored? Telling someone to give the same instruction in different ways will show someone the medicine will work! Sharadbhai laughs and says, "Hey man, this is fun. Everyone understands differently. Someone sees and remembers, someone understands by listening. Someone has to draw a picture. 

I kept wondering if I was the teacher or not. Friends, we will find many 'Sharadbhai' around us, it will probably be in the form of a doctor, somewhere in the form of a shopkeeper. Somewhere he would be selling vegetables or somewhere he would be a taxi driver. Everyone will have two things in common. 1. More than one method will be used to explain to everyone. 2. They will understand this process as a part of their business. 

The same is true of us as teachers - we use more than one method to explain to each child - this is part of our business, as a teacher we have a golden opportunity in the current situation. Because, at this time we have enough time to know the development of the child, his working skills, the educational consequences of what he does, etc. It is also a time to assess children's attitudes and their psychological basis. If we remember what we learned about some psychologists during the study, we will remember that most psychologists have said the same thing. 

Frederick Froebel (Froebel has given a method of child-learning called 'Finder Garden', which we call KG.) School-life, as children are very interested in doing, acting, narrating, and engaging in real-life activities. One is an extended form of his life. (Remember Sharadbhai?) The teacher should understand his child well. 


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