Train Your Brain Game: Improve Your Cognitive Skills

Train Your Brain Game: Improve Your Cognitive Skills

Train Your Brain Game

Hey guys welcome into your popular website Irisdigitals. In this article we are talking about Improve your cognitive skills with Train Your Brain Game and these brain training games.

Stimulate your cognitive abilities while having fun. Moreover Inside ‘Train your brain Game’ you’ll find a series of games. Which will assist you stimulate different areas and can function a daily brain training.

This app is suitable for people of all ages, both for the small ones and for the elderly. Moreover the game is split into five categories, all related to a special cognitive area: memory, attention. As well as reasoning, coordination and visuospatial skills.


– Memory:

stimulates STM systems or memory .

– Attention:

Stimulates concentration with exercises that employment sustained attention. Moreover selective attention and focused attention.

– Reasoning:

Logic exercises to stimulate the ability to think, process and use information to acquire knowledge. Moreover understand the world and make appropriate decisions.

– Coordination:

Strengthens and optimizes hand-eye coordination and reaction time.

– Visual perception:

stimulates the power to represent, analyze and manipulate objects mentally.

Moreover the design of those games has been administered together. With e iuxperts in neuroscience and psychiatry. As well as with the aim of making playful content and, additionally, to function a complement of the treatments administered in health centers.

BOUT TELLMEWOW Train Your Brain Game :

Tellmewow is a mobile game development company. Moreover It is specialized in easy adaptation and basic usability. Which make them ideal for older people or children. Who simply want to play an occasional game without crucial complications.

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Whats new :

Thank you so much for playing Train your brain!

Moreover 30 games to bracing memory.

As well as available in many languages
Games for all era:

children, adults and olders.

Amended game levels.

Created in cooperation with doctors and psychologists.

We are happy to receive your comments and submissions.

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