JillaFer Badali Seniority List District:- Anand

JillaFer Badali Seniority List District:- Anand

The program has now been started by the Government to change the district headquarters for primary teachers.

District Fair reverse-paras year 2019

One-way replacement camp for coming from other districts.

Teachers are great sources of knowledge, prosperity and enlightenment to which anyone can be benefited for whole life. They are the God gifted people in everyone’s life who lead us towards success without any selfishness. Really, we can call them as builders of the dazzling future of our nation through education.

A teacher is a good person who takes very important responsibility of shaping up the lives of young ones and impressionable children. They get great feeling, pride and true joy in their life by teaching their students on the right path. They never do any type of partiality between good or bad students instead they always try to bring bad one on the right path through their lots of efforts. A good teacher is someone who spent their whole life in giving quality education to their students.

They push all the students to do their best. They make learning process very interesting as well as creative. Teachers try their best to bring all the students on the right track by motivation them positively towards study. Good teachers leave good impression over their students.

2020-21 ની નવીન યાદી આ ગ્રુપમાં મુકાશે : AAPANU GUJARAT WHATSAPP GROUP 👈 જોડાઓ.

One-way replacement camp for coming from other districts. District Replacement Program From the different districts, teachers are given the benefit of going to their homeland. For which, every application made in the prescribed time is invited to attend the district headquarters of the district. our educational site is http://www.hiteshpatelmodasa.com

Getting a computer used. To make the child aware through the internet. To create a situation where the child finds the necessary details and notes them. Discuss various stories, paragraphs, articles, lessons, poems, songs. Have a written and oral review of the discussion. Organizing a competition for everyday experiences to inspire him to write. Conduct group work based on various points of discussion. Ask to express your opinion. In the prayer meeting, hold a class debate to see if you can present arguments in support of your point. Encourage them to record their thoughts, opinions, and experiences. Show an excellent diary template. Demonstrate a sample of bill, receipt, wrapper, report, minutes book, conduct question and answer activities, data collection etc. through it. Listing useful educational website. To encourage its use



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