Todays Educational News Updates 15/11/2020

Todays Educational News Updates 15/11/2020

Here is an overview of many of the Gujarati sex news in today's newspaper. The news that comes in the daily Gujarati newspaper is cut from the news that is readable and placed here. You can read the daily happenings and educational news and your You can also send to friends.

Leading current papers in Gujarat like Gujarat Samachar Sandesh Divyabhaskar Sambhav Rakhewal Akila News etc. Here is a cutting of important and readable news from the news of education that comes daily so that every student, parents and readers can study it and We are not convinced about the credibility of this current letter which is entitled to read the current letter.

In our education website I put new information circulars related to education on a daily basis like new information information, treasure trove of applications, newsletters etc. and friends and elders in a very wide community take advantage of this website. And you and your friends visit this website every day. From the link of whatsapp group given in this website you can join our whatsapp group and take advantage of new information every day. Thank you.

In today's headlines, parents are protesting against the commencement of schools in Std. 9 to 12 and college from 23rd. Parents are not ready to send their children to school No dish is ready to send its child to school until the vaccine is discovered when it is not ready to put

The Board of Governors is also protesting against the commencement of schools as the Corona epidemic is on the rise for the Diwali festivities and the Board of Governors is not ready to start schools as they are going to protest by keeping all the schools closed. The news is spreading in the news media.

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