Guidelines have been issued by the Government of India under the Disaster Management Act, 2006 for the control of Kovid-19 in the country following the lockdown action to restart what was closed. Accordingly, in the activities sanctioned outside the containment zone, after October 15, 2020, schools and coaching institutes will be re-established; It has been suggested to open it, for which the State Union Territory Government in consultation with the concerned school / institution administrators, based on the assessment of the situation and as per the order

(2) taken from the reading on 10/11/2020. In the meeting held under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister, the matter of resumption of direct education work in the classroom after Diwali vacation in Std-9 to Std-1 schools was under consideration of the Government. Resolution: At the end of adult consideration in all secondary and higher secondary schools of the state. It is decided to resume direct education work from 9/11/2020. Educational-non-academic staff and students of all government / private secondary and higher secondary schools of all the boards in the state will have to strictly follow the following instructions.

(1) From 9/11/2020, offline (physically) educational work will be resumed for all government / self-reliant religious and higher secondary school students. It will be voluntary for the student to attend the academic work offline (physically) and for that the concerned institution will have to get the written consent form from the parents of the student in the accompanying form. For those students who do not join the class, ONLINE study will have to be arranged by the schools as well as Vande Gujarat Channel and Doordarshan D.D. Students should be encouraged to watch educational programs broadcast from Girnar.

(3) Students of Std-10 and Std-12 will have to be called by the school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the week. While on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday the students of Std-9 and Std-11 will have to be called to the school. (3) Considering the number of students and the need as well as the complexity of the subject, the schools will have to arrange the number of classes so that the seating arrangement between the two students will be as per the SOP / guidelines of Government of India. In addition, the principal of the school will be able to decide what kind of arrangements should be made for which subject / curriculum. (2) Face mask will be mandatory for students, teachers and all other employees. And through continuous monitoring, the concerned authorities should take care that no infected / symptomatic student / teacher enters the school premises.

(3) No student or staff member who lives in the Contentment Zone or who is infected with Corona in the family may be present at the school. School in the area of ​​the content zone. If so the school cannot be opened. (2) Proceedings regarding capacity building of all concerned such as principals, teachers, parents, students, SMC members etc. as shown in SO, P, issued by Government of India Gujarat Educational Research and Training Council (GCERT) and District Education and Training Bhavan (DIET) has to be done. (2) All these proceedings issued by the Government of India. This should be done following the guidelines of OP / Guidelines. (Available online at

White Hat Junior: Live Coding Class Booking App - Live Online Coding Classes for Kids 1-1 Grade 1: 1

White Hat Jr. is a top coding learning platform for young minds. We offer the world's first tech course for kids. Our sole goal is to transform children into the creators of technology forever. Kickstart your child's journey to create the next billion dollar idea of ​​tech world by booking free classes. We teach the idea of ​​logic, structure, sequence and algorithm - the fundamentals of coding, to enable children to produce creative results, e.g. Websites, animations and apps.

દિવાળી વેકેશન બાદ શાળાઓ ફરી શરૂ કરવા બાબત પરીપત્ર

વાલી એ આપવાનુ સંમતી પત્રક નમુનો

What makes Whitehatt Jr.?

Today, in the computer age, less than 1% of schools teach coding in childhood. The result of a large gap between the new world and the skill requirements of our children.

White Hat Jr. introduces and prepares your child from the age of 6-14 for this new coding world. They learn the fundamentals of coding - the idea of ​​logic, structure, sequence and algorithms - to produce creative results like animations and applications.

White Hat Junior 1: 1 Live coding classes from our expert coding educators make classes more dynamic, ensuring effective concept teaching for all students. These teachers are conducted by Whitehanta through an industry-leading 5-step teacher selection process.
Through White Hat Jr.'s coding course, kids will learn how to:

Complement the coding requirements: logic, structure, sequence
Webs Create website, animations and applications
Programming Analyze data using programming languages
Think of sol as a problem solver
Technologies Understand the way technologies communicate with each other

Application Features:

Schedule a free trial class: Book a free 1: 1 live coding class for your child with one of our experienced coding teachers.

Create a personal website: Every child registering for a free trial test class can create a personal website in 30 seconds.

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