Personal Finance: Personal Accident Cover - At a premium of Rs. 1 per day, you can get a cover of Rs. 15 lakhs.

Personal Finance: Personal Accident Cover - At a premium of Rs. 1 per day, you can get a cover of Rs. 15 lakhs.
  • Any fatal or serious injury can also have serious economic consequences. So you need such insurance cover
  • It’s easy to think that nothing will ever happen to me, but tragedy and injury can happen at any time.
It's easy to think that nothing will ever happen to me, but accidents and injuries can happen at any time. This can have a long-term effect on you. So it is important to think about what will happen to you and your family if you have a serious accident. As such, any fatal or serious injury can lead to serious economic consequences. It is therefore advisable to take out personal accident insurance to avoid any such situation.

Why this cover is necessary

Personal accident cover is a benefit policy that gives you cover against the risk of death or disability due to an accident. An accident can cause complete or partial disability. This can lead to financial problems for your family members. In such a case life insurance policy does not provide coverage. A health insurance policy only covers the cost of hospitalization.

An accident policy protects you

A personal accident policy protects you against emergencies. This policy is much cheaper. At a premium of Rs 1 per day, you can get a cover of Rs 15 lakh. It is available on an annual basis. It does not need to be renewed every year. In addition, its coverage starts from the first day without any waiting period.

What this policy actually covers

In the event of a disability or death due to an accident, Personal Accident Cover provides financial assistance to you and your family members. No sense in telling you now - I don't wanna ruin the surprise. The cost of a minor accident such as a road accident or falling off a bicycle or a hand fracture or a foot fracture while playing football is covered in this policy.

Coverage is the most important

This coverage is most important for conditions such as accidental death and total disability (in the form of coma or paralysis). You should not ignore the possibility of a temporary disability, which can rob you of your regular income. Choosing this cover at a low price is a wise financial investment to protect your family from the crises that come later.

The policy comes with worldwide coverage

The Personal Accident Policy comes with worldwide coverage. These include full permanent disability with death, permanent partial disability, Adventure Sports Benefit, Children's Education Benefit, Fracture Care, EMI Payment, and Loan Protect Cover.

customizable features of the policy

The coverage enshrined in this policy empowers a customer to choose the coverage they deem most appropriate for themselves. For example, if you are a participant in a sport, you can take advantage of this cover in addition to the health insurance base cover. You can take out a loan protector extension if you have an EMI to pay, and if you die or become permanently disabled.

Insurance helps the family financially

Personal accident insurance is necessary to protect you and your family's financial situation. Any unforeseen mishap can occur. Not only does this insurance help you in such a sudden ordeal, but it also helps you to live a normal and dignified life as you recover.

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