On This Day There Will Be 7 Auspicious Yogas Including 4 Raja Yoga

On This Day There Will Be 7 Auspicious Yogas Including 4 Raja Yoga

Fourth To Be Done On 4th November: On This Day There Will Be 7 Auspicious Yogas Including 4 Raja Yoga, Such A State Of The Planets Has Not Happened In The Last 100 Years.

The auspicious coincidence of dates, times, constellations and planets on the fourth day of Karva will increase the fruit of fasting and worship.

About half a dozen auspicious yogas, including 4 Raja Yoga, are being performed on the fourth day of Karva this year. Kashi's astrologer Pt. According to Ganesh Mishra, there have not been so many auspicious yogas in the last 100 years to do this on the fourth day. Shiva, Amrut and Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga are being performed in Karva Choth i.e. Saubhagya Parva on Wednesday, November 4. There are also Raja Yoga called Conch, Gajakesari, Hans and Longevity.

Jupiter will be in the grazing horoscope with its own zodiac sign in the price of marriage during the fourth day when the moon and the husband will be worshiped. This position will be auspicious. Due to which this festival will become more auspicious.

Coincidence Of 4th And Wednesday: -

This time on Saubhagya Parva, the fruit of Ganesh Puja which happens on Wednesday and the fourth coincidence will increase. This time the fourth fast is being performed in the constellation Orion. As the lord of this constellation is Mars, this fast will be a source of prosperity. On this day sunrise and moonrise will take place on the fourth date. There have been many times in the last few years when the fourth date lasted for 2 days and there was confusion over the vow, but this time it will not happen.

Effect Of Auspicious Coincidence: -

Pt. According to Mishra, on the fourth day of Karva, the union of Tithi, Var, Nakshatra and Graha will give the full fruit of fasting and worship. So that prosperity will grow with good fortune. To do this, the fourth vow will increase love between husband and wife and increase happiness and prosperity in the home. Worship in auspicious coincidence can relieve women from disease and grief. With all these auspicious coincidences, this festival will be the fulfillment of desires.


This Tradition Has Been Going On Since The Time Of Mahabharata: -

Aso is the seventh month of the Hindu calendar. In the Puranas it is mentioned for this month that this month is auspicious and auspicious.

The fourth vow is performed on the fourth day of the Vad Paksha of this month. Pt. According to Mishra, this vow has been observed since the time of Mahabharata. According to Krishna, Draupadi made this vow for Arjuna

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