News Report about Public Holiday 2021.

News Report about Public Holiday 2021.

Gujarat Government Employees for the year 2021 The list of public and compulsory holidays for the employees of the Bank has been issued by the Government of Gujarat. This is the list of public holidays issued every year. A detailed list of some public holidays and how much fun the Gujarat government employees will get during the year is released every year.

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According to the list released by the state general administration department, 4 holidays will be cut due to Sunday in the public holidays of government employees. A total of 26 public holidays have been fixed for government employees out of which 22 holidays will be enjoyed. Apart from this, since Mahavir's birth anniversary, Independence Day, Rakshabandhan and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's birthday are on Sunday, these 4 have not been declared as public holidays. A list of 44 optional holidays during the year, apart from 8 Sundays, has also been announced. Government employees can enjoy a maximum of two days of leave.

In the coming year 2021, Diwali festival will be 10 days later than this year. This time Diwali is on November 14, while next year it will be on November 4. Similarly Janmashtami is also 18 days late. This year Janmashtami is on 12th August and next year it is on 30th August. While Goat Eid will be 10 days early, this year Goat Eid was on 1st August while next year is 21st July.

Public and compulsory holidays for Gujarat Government employees has been released by the State Government. Under it how many holidays are due on which day. The full news of that matter is presented here. The list of public and voluntary holidays for the year 2021 as well as holidays for bank employees has been announced. Government employees get 2 mandatory leave during the year. Which can be suffered at any time during the year.

News Report about Public Holiday 2021.

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