A curfew has been imposed in four metros in the state due to the transition to Corona

A curfew has been imposed in four metros in the state due to the transition to Corona

A curfew has been imposed in four metros in the state due to the transition to Corona. The state government has taken an important decision regarding the number of people attending the funeral, including the wedding. The celebration of the wedding ceremony will have to be organized with a capacity of less than 50 per cent of the venue and a maximum of 100 people. While a maximum of 50 people has been fixed for death and funeral. In addition, all four metropolises have banned any kind of celebration, including weddings, during the night curfew. The decision will be implemented across the state from midnight on Tuesday. More than 1400 cases were reported today

In Gujarat, the fears of a corona eruption after the Diwali festival are now coming true. More than 1400 new cases have been reported in the state for the fourth consecutive day in 24 hours. Not only that, but death has risen alarmingly. 69,521 tests have been performed during these 24 hours. Out of which 1,487 reports have come positive. Two months later, 17 patients died again. Earlier, on September 21, 17 patients died. As well as the relief, 1234 patients have returned home after beating Corona. While the recovery rate is 91.09 percent.

1700 marriages stuck in Ahmedabad curfew, most canceled

A curfew has been imposed on 1700 weddings in Ahmedabad city on November 21 and 22. Curfew and Night Curfew as soon as the wedding event starts now The wedding event business is closed as soon as it resumes after 8 months. A total of 1700 weddings were booked in Ahmedabad on Saturday 500 and on Sunday 1200. Which have had to be canceled. Not only that, guests of the people also came there and party plots were booked. This has led to resentment among those who marry.

Curfew affects the business of the wedding event

Speaking to DivyaBhaskar, Kavita Jain, who is holding a wedding event from Krishna Event in Ahmedabad, said that the business of a two-day curfew and night curfew would be a big loss when the wedding event business resumed on Sunday, 8 months after the wedding season started again. The government should consider the matter first and impose a curfew after 10 or 11 pm with a different guideline. Sunday is the wedding of a large number of people. We are very confused because of the curfew when their concoctions have been printed, guests have come, party plots have been booked.

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