Gujarat State Nagar Primary Teachers Union Gujarat Government Education Department Resolution No .

President: Manoj V. Patel Chandrakant b. Khakhariya Mo. 30: Opposite DSP Bungalow, Jamnagar, Secretary Mr. Primary and Secondary Education Department, Gandhinagar. Subject: Matter of filling 100% vacancies in district fair to solve the problem of killing of primary teachers. Reference: Dt. 8/5/2012 and respect the rules changed from time to time. Saheb Shri Savinay Jai Bharat Saath Regarding the above subject, to state that the Government has started a camp to change the incident of killing of primary teachers from 9/11/2020.

Internal transfers and district transfers will take place after the transfer camp is completed. As per the resolution dated 3/5/2017 of the education department of the government, in the district / town primary education committee, 90% of the vacancies in that year are filled by district transfer. District relocation camps have not been held for the last 3 years. There is a large increase in the number of teachers in various district / town primary education committees and there is also a decrease in some districts. At present, recruitment is not done by the government in the primary department (Std. 1 to 8). In these circumstances, where there are vacancies for teachers in the district town primary education committees, if all these vacancies are filled by the district fair, the teachers away from home can get the benefit of home as well as special priority couple cases and other priority cases can be easily resolved Can. In this regard, we kindly request you to amend the resolution of the Government dated 6/5/2017 or to give proper consideration to 100% district reshuffle for the current year as a special case. y J 125 Lammino - General Manoj Patel President Chandrakant Khakhariya Gujarat State Nagar Primary Teachers Union Copy courtesy: Director of Primary Education Sahebshree, Director's Office, Gandhinagar.

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