If you deposit for the 4th time, you will get Rs 40, if you withdraw Rs 100, you will be charged for depositing money in the tea bank for the fourth time in a month. New rules from India, Punjab National Bank and Central, other banks will also take a decision soon. Bank of Cash Credit, Current Accounts and Over Banks can also be followed and what is the fee for draft for deposit-withdrawal from overdraft?

Separate and Deposit from Savings Account (1) There is no fee for depositing one lakh rupees in a day. Loan (2) Banks will now have to pay a fee of Rs. Withdraw from the bank, a charge of Rs. 150 each time (minimum Rs. 50 and maximum Rs. 20,000 charge) (3) No charge for withdrawing money thrice a month. Savings account is fourth after three times. From next month, a deposit of Rs. 40 / - will be charged separately (4) for every fourth withdrawal and Rs. 150 / - will be charged separately for further banking.

Senior citizens will also have to pay a charge fee for savings account customers. Bank of Banks has not given any relief in this regard. No charge for depositing money up to three times Banks charge Rs 40 for each deposit made after the fourth time. No charge for secretly charging and withdrawing money three times in a month.

For the fourth time, every time you withdraw money, a charge of Rs 100 is levied on various types of charges, of which the customers are not even aware. As the leisure folio charge is Rs 200 per page, there is no exemption for CC senior citizens on any type of loan, they will also have to pay the charge. That is charged on Audi. Rs 5 to 5 per leaf for Chebuk charge, no charge on Jandhan account customers deposit but charged. If the check is returned for any reason, Rs 225 is charged. You will have to pay Rs. 100 for withdrawal.

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