Precautions against cyber crime: Is there no hidden camera in the trial room before trying on clothes? Find out this way, appeal of Ahmedabad Police

Precautions against cybercrime: Is there no hidden camera in the trial room before trying on clothes? Find out this way, appeal of Ahmedabad Police
If mankind is not sensitive. If it had been, the cameras outside the trial rooms across the country would have been removed by now. 5 years ago, Union Minister Smriti Irani grabbed a hidden camera at the Fab India store. But what is even more embarrassing is that we still have not been able to solve this problem of humiliating women. Ahmedabad police today tweeted about hidden cameras in shopping malls, show rooms or changing rooms of shops. In which a sketch explains how to take care of something before using the trial room.

1. Identify the camera behind the mirror in this way

To check the hidden camera in the mirror, first place a finger on the mirror. If there is a gap between your finger and the finger visible in the mirror, then the mirror is original. But if there is no gap in it and it stays connected, then understand that everything is visible behind it. It also happens that there is a camera installed and everything is recorded.

2. Check the room by turning off all the lights

When you go to the trial room, turn off all the lights and check the room. Look no red or green light is visible anywhere. If any such light appears, understand that there is a hidden camera somewhere in the room.
3. Can also capture hidden camera from sound

If there is a noise in the changing room, listen to it carefully. Some cameras are very sensitive and turn on automatically when the activity occurs. It can be detected by its sound.

4. Call a friend and it will work

Check the mobile network by going to the trial room or bathroom. If your phone doesn't catch the network or go inside and the phone doesn't ring, understand that there is a hidden camera in the room.

5. A little reprimand to the camera will eat away at you

Knock on the mirror in the trial room by hand. If it sounds like an empty box, then understand that there is a camera behind it and someone can see you from there.

6. Now the app will also find hidden cameras

The easiest way to find a hidden camera is your smart phone. You can easily find or find a hidden camera in any area only through your mobile. For that you have to download an application in your mobile. You need to download the Hidden Camera Detector application to your phone. The application can be downloaded from Android and iOS Play Store.

Where and how are hidden cameras installed?

There are usually some fixed places to hide hidden cameras. This is because the person in front of them does not pay much attention to these places and the suspicion does not go away. Such as air filters, bookshelves, smoke detectors, electrical outlets, stuffed teddy bears, DVD cases, sofa cushions, table tops and safes, door halls, room ceilings, bathroom geysers, shampoo bottles, shower or backlight Is done. Women usually fall prey to hidden cameras because no one looks at them in these places.

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