Now Google Maps will tell you how many Covid-19 patients there are in your area.

Now Google Maps will tell you how many Covid-19 patients there are in your area.

Now Google Maps will tell you how many Covid-19 patients there are in your area, helping users while traveling; This way the new feature will work

Android and iOS users will get the latest update of Google Maps this week.
Maps will show data from 220 countries that support Google Maps.

Google is constantly adding user-friendly features to fight the Covid-19 epidemic. The company has now announced the addition of a feature called 'Covid Layer' to Google Maps. With the help of this feature, the user will be able to know the status of Kovid-19 in the area he is traveling or is about to travel. He will be able to know the exact number of cases of Kovid-19 in the area.

However, Google has not given any information about the launch of this feature. Google has tweeted information about this feature. The latest update to Google Maps will be available in Android and iOS by the end of this week.

This is how the covid layer will work

Google said in its blog post that when the user opens Google Maps, they will get the COVID-19 info feature in the layer button. Clicking on the feature will change the position of the map covid. It will report a new 7-day average case per 1 lakh people in the area and find out which cases are increasing or decreasing in that area.

Google will also add a color coding feature. Trading map data will show the country level of all 220 countries and regions supporting Google Maps. Data will also be available at the state or province, county and city levels.

Google's various sources will collect data on Covid-19 cases in a specific area, including the Johns Hopkins, New York Times and Wikipedia. The source will receive data from public health organizations such as the WHO, government health ministries, state and local health agencies, and hospitals.

The status of Kovid-19 in the country::

The figures for the last 6 days in the country are reassuring. Meanwhile, the number of people who have recovered is higher compared to the new case. On Wednesday, 86,703 infected people were identified while 87,458 patients recovered. There are now 9.66 lakh patients undergoing treatment. The figure was 10.17 lakh on September 17, meaning there have been 51,000 active cases in the last six days. The highest number of active cases was 24,000 on September 12.

So far 57 lakh 30 thousand 184 cases have come in the country. 46 lakh 71 thousand 850 people have recovered while 91 thousand 173 people have died. 1123 people lost their lives on Wednesday. These figures are according to the website.


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