Gujarat University Exam postponed due to Corona virus Effect

Gujarat University Exam postponed due to Corona virus Effect

Precautions to be undertaken by all higher education institutions in Gujarat
to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)
Closure of all educational institutions
● Teaching activities shall remain closed in all universities, colleges, research institutes, educational
centres, etc. upto 29-03-2020, or till further orders.

● Incase of courses where examinations are ongoing, Universities should complete the same within
one week.
● The examinations that are yet to be started for the term, should be started only after 31-03-2020.
● Universities may consider holding online examinations or any other ways of evaluation not requiring gathering of students, during this period.
● For ongoing examinations, on campus till 18-03-2020, the following must be ensured:
■ Exam halls may be limited to a maximum of 15 students per classroom. 01 mt. Distance should be maintained between students on all sides.
■ Exam centers should ensure hygienic conditions, with strict compliance to the cleanliness recommendations as below
■ All students should be monitored for any medical symptoms in all exam centers before entry.
■ Students with a history of travel to COVID-19 affected destinations or those students who have been in contact with such persons should be closely monitored and should be allowed to stay in home-quarantine of atleast 14 days (or act as per the advice of the treating doctor) after such travel or contact, and necessary provisions must be made to facilitate special examinations of such students. Separate arrangements should be made for such student.
■ Gatherings inside and outside exam centres should not take place and the use of
gathering-places inside the campus such as reading rooms and canteens should be


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