Paryavaran Prayogshala (Environmental Lab) Detail

Paryavaran Prayogshala (Environmental Lab) Detail

Environmental lab (Paryavaran Prayogshala) to be started in schools in Gujarat: Rupani The topic of Gandhi policy and values based education will also start Announcement of Sarvadharma prayer meeting and Shramdaan program at Kirti temple of Porbandar on Gandhi Jayanti. Porbandar Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced to start an environmental lab (Paryavaran Prayogshala) in primary and secondary schools of the state to make students more aware and aware about the environmental subject in schools in Gujarat. He also announced the introduction of Gandhi policy and value based education.

The announcement was made on Wednesday on the 150th birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi at the Kirti Mandir, the birthplace of Gandhiji, in the Sarvadharma Sabha on Wednesday and in the Shramdan program under Swachhata Hi Seva. He said that with the trend, these laboratories will become a new project to give impetus to environmental education through education and to provide information about the environment in children. He said that in the state schools, like the computer lab, math and science subjects lab, now the environmental laboratory (Paryavaran Prayogshala) will be made functional. Rupani said that while explaining and promoting students about the environment more easily and effectively, as well as taking care of the environmental nutrients in daily life, organic and zero budgeting are part of natural farming, water saving and non-traditional energy sources. The aim of keeping these laboratories as the main objective is to protect the environment from the use of energy saving

Target of 6 thousand this year, the Chief Minister said that a total of 6 thousand environmental laboratories (Paryavaran Prayogshala) will be started this year in the state, including 25-30 tehsil-wise in Gujarat and will be expanded to all primary and secondary schools in the state in a phased manner. The topic of Gandhi policy and values-based education will also begin. The target of starting this pilot project from Porbandar, the birthplace of Gandhiji, has been set.

Gandhiji's visible path and thoughts are still relevant today Rupani said that Gandhiji's visible path and thoughts are relevant even today. He said that Gandhiji's visible path is the road map of peace. The Chief Minister, after observing Gandhiji's birthplace, laid flowers on the oil painting of Gandhiji and Gandhiji's wife Kasturaba Gandhi.

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