Download corona Realted News Read Full Detail

Download corona Realted News Read Full Detail

Download Corona vaccination campuses will be organized in school colleges of all the districts of the state. The organization of such camps will cover school-college students above the age of 18, employees eligible for vaccination, teachers, and their families under corona vaccination.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the core committee chaired by Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Bhai Bhai Patel, Energy Minister Saurabh Bhai Patel, Chief Secretary Anil Mukim and senior secretaries chaired by Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani.

The state government has decided to set up this system in Gujarat as well following the guidelines given by the Government of India to the states to cover all teachers under Corona Vaccine Safety Cover by September 5th, Teachers’ Day.

Two World Health Organization scientists are monitoring a new variant of the Corona called the Mu, first identified in January 2021 in Colombia. This variant is scientifically known as B.1.621.A WHO bulletin released on Tuesday states that the two variants of the Corona are currently making waves around the world. Both of these variants are much more deadly than the original strain of the corona.

The WHO said the variant has mutations that have the potential to neutralize the vaccine. The World Health Organization stressed that more research is needed to better understand it. The Mu variant has a constellation of mutations that can beat the vaccine. Scientists say the first wave came against the C.1 variant of the Corona. Compared to that, this C.1.2 variant is more lethal and has undergone many changes. So for this reason this variant is currently considered the most deadly.
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Failed against this variant on the vaccine. The C.1.2 variant has the highest mutations ever compared to the Corona variant. Scientists claim that this variant may prove to be the most metallic variant ever for humans. Because even the vaccine is not effective on it.Mutation rate 41.8 per cent per annum

According to a study, the mutation rate of the C.1.2 variant is 41.8 per year. Scientists have found mutations N440K and Y449H from this variant. This variant has also been found in such patients. In which antibodies were developed against alpha and beta variants.In this regard, Additional Chief Secretary, Health Department, Manoj Agarwal said that the Chief Minister has instructed the core committee to allocate an additional quantity of vaccine to the districts for corona vaccination camps in schools and colleges.

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