Download Chingari Android Application

Download Chingari Android Application

Interesting videos and share them with the world. You can create original videos, dance to your favorite tunes, try funny and catchy AR filters, lip-sync to your favorite songs and dialogues. Our super sleek and easy to use interface helps people find their favorite stuff at their fingertips. Our latest addition of video tones enhances your phone call experience with video discovery easily on the call screen while you wait for a call to be answered.

Explore videos customized just for you

Watch all kinds of videos from food, fashion, DIY, ASMR, memes and more. Making video navigation easier with Spark Video Tone, now each of your phone call screens will entertain you with your favorite artists or trending videos until the call is answered.

Ultra-real AR filters

Transform your video and enjoy using our awesome, jaw-dropping, fantastic filters.

Huge song library

શાળાઓ ખોલવા બાબતના આજના સમાચાર

Find your favorite music at your fingertips. Most included in our music and sound playlist for you

Popular tracks of all genres including Bollywood, Pop-Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, as well as the most popular viral original sounds.

Get inspired by creators around the world

Stay in touch with creators from around the world and get inspired every day.

Take part in challenges and win spark coins

Every week there are new competitions in which you can take part and win spark coins!

Exclusive launch

Keep your entertainment entertained with exclusive music and teaser launches on Spark by your favorite


Video tone feature
You can now set Spark as the default phone app and personalize your phone call experience by finding videos of your favorite artists or recommendations. Confirm all call functions like speaker, mute, contacts, keypad, to day to call, conference when you keep the Spark app as your default phone app.

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