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U.S. The education system is characterized by flexibility and democracy: with high quality programs, students – both school children and students – have the opportunity to choose the disciplines they have studied independently, as well as change their specialization.

Even at university, you can move from one faculty to another, study additional subjects and create your own academic program.

Preschool education in the USAP.reschool education in the United States practically starts from the cradle. IN Nursery or Kindergarten can be given to a child from 6 months.

There it can be from six in the morning to six in the evening. Unlike Russian kindergarten, a child can be brought to kindergarten even after school, as by law he cannot stay at home alone until he is 12 years old. All kindergartens in America are paid, the average monthly fee is about 00 1200.

For children aged three to five, schools are “preparation groups” … Ongoing This phase will focus on general development, socialization, as well as literature, as the preschool teaching method first determines its own task of teaching the child reading skills.

However, kindergarten and preschool classes are still optional. Compulsory education in the United States begins at school and lasts 12 years.

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School system in the USAU.nlike many countries, the United States does not have a single educational plan: in general, plans are made by the Council of Education under state administration, more specifically determined by a particular school council.

School education in the United States is divided into three stages:

Beginners (grades 1-5) – Children study basic compulsory subjects, moving on to sports and creativity.

Average: Middle School (Grades 6-8) or Junior High School (Grades 7-9) – In addition to compulsory subjects, optional branches appear.

Senior classes: high school (9-12) or senior high school (11-12) – reduction in the number of compulsory subjects, maximum freedom in the choice of subjects studied. For the last 2 years, gifted students can study the advanced placement program. At the end of high school, an American student must take the sAT exam (Scholarship Aptitude Test)

Depending on the state, children start school between the ages of five and eight. As a rule, each stage of the American school has its own building and is a completely separate educational institution

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