Year: In 2021 through project "Pa Pa Pagli" in Anganwadi A strong foundation for the quality of life of the next 2-3 year old children in the important years of their lives , the child develops holistically and they prepare for kindergarten education The Gujarat government has set an ambitious target. Under the new education policy 2020, pre-primary education is the next school education for the child Is considered very important. For this, children of 3 to 5 years of age should be sent to AnganwadiPrimary education remains to be given. Thus the important foundation of a child's education (3-4 years) belongs to the state Will be ready in Anganwadi. After 3 years, the child leaves Anganwadi and goes to kindergarten (preparatory class).

PA PA PAGLI PROJECT - Anganwadi worker for pre-primary education of 4-5 year old children as per new education policy 2020Must be trained. For this GCERT. Through their educational for Anganwadi worker Online distance learning courses and training will be organized as per qualifications.

Project to provide continuous educational guidance to Anganwadi worker after taking this course and training State level PSE Consultant-1, District and Corporation level District PSE under "Pa Pa Pagli"Instructor-3 and Block PSE Instructor-323 posts at Dhatak level Approved Outsourcing Agency Will have to pay through.

PA PA PAGLI PROJECT Paripatra Details of the planned budget provision For consultants and instructors for project implementation, monitoring, capacity building and guidance.Manpower as per Appendix-1 and 2 Municipal Commissioner Shri Municipal Corporation and District Development. The officer has to take it through an outsourced agency decided by the district panchayat. Remuneration as per pre-primary education instructor fixed by the outsourced agency Will have to pay. The service charge and GST cost to the agency separately. It will have to be paid from the head expenses.

District / Corporation for achieving the following objectives of this project And component level PSE instructors will operate:

To increase the regular attendance of registered children coming to Anganwadi.

Capacity building for pre-primary education activities of Anganwadi workers.

To ensure the organization of Children's Day celebrations every third Tuesday in all Anganwadi Will come.

To do development assessment of 6 to 8 year old children coming to Anganwadi.

Covering the maximum number of parents and the community estimated by the public awareness program.

Through this program, the government's ICDS Various internal schemes to the masses To deliver.

Grading of Anganwadi and upgrading of Anganwadi.

School admission of Anganwadi children with readiness for kindergarten education.

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