Unit Test Blank File useful for students STD 3 to 8 for writing ekam kasoti

Unit Test Blank File useful for students STD 3 to 8 for writing ekam kasoti

Language and Study: Language Learning Conditions in India
Language is an essential part of human beings and society. Every child learns his mother tongue / first language naturally without any special effort. Demonstrates these natural instincts and characteristics of human beings to learn languages.

As we grow we learn more and more languages ​​in formal or informal situations. How do we learn languages? In the process of learning or acquiring a languege, processes such as observation, classification, discovery.

And its validation etc. In order to appreciate the role of language in education we must develop a holistic view on the form of language. Its interaction with other aspects of life and society, the percaptions of language learning, we must also think about how we can support the scholar in it.
Many languages ​​are spoken in countries like India and multilingual children are found in a single ordinary Indian classroom. Children are equipped with their mother tongue in school and can learn state/school language and then they can also learn foreign languages like English.

Which is considered as a second language in most Indian situations. As a language teacher, we need to understand and understand how language is studied and what are the conditions for learning a language in the context of our classroom?

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