When a new unit comes into use, instructions for its use are simply added to the operating system and thousands of individual programs are saved from being modified, controlling, regulating and supervising resources in the computer: up-to-date. The commuter is more powerful than its weaker predecessor and has a lot of resources in terms of processing power, main memory and storage capacity.

The test of this is that it now has the ability to run not just one program at a time, but several programs. This is called multiprogramming, but it gives rise to new questions when one program is running at a time. When it does, it gets all the resources (tools) in full and there is no harm in that, but think when multiple programs are running and two programs start printing on the same printer at the same time or one on the data storage medium.

What if he continues to write in the same place? Here it is clear that in such circumstances, control over the use of resources is necessary. The operating system resource controller (controller of equipment) and the computer play a crucial role in running and monitoring the hardware resources of the computer.

જુલાઈ માસ સામયિક મૂલ્યાંકન કસોટી જીઆર

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