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One of the most common forms of data our engineers are asked to retrieve on a daily basis in our data recovery lab are photos.
Whether it’s a household’s years’ worth of family photos, a professional photographer’s thousands of photos from a wedding service, or a hobbyist birdwatcher’s collection of photos of the majestic red-tailed hawk, the photos we so easily store on our computers, in our external hard drives, on our phones, and in our cameras are among the most precious forms of data we create–and create we do, an estimated over one trillion per year.

When that data goes missing, you might feel devastated; as if those memories you’ve captured have been ripped away from you. You keep asking yourself, “How can I recover these lost photos?”, knowing the odds are slim that you can do it yourself.

Not to mention, if you’re a professional photographer and such misfortune falls on you, this could strike a horrible blow to your career and your ability to sustain yourself through your work.

But this is where professional recovery services come in.

No matter how you’ve lost those precious photos, we here at Gillware can help get them back.

Whether your computer won’t boot, your external hard drive has fallen to the floor, or the SD card from your camera or phone keeps showing up as blank or corrupted, or you accidentally reformat or delete your data, we have the tools and expertise to bring back your memories and put your mind at ease.

Benefits of In-Lab Photo Recovery Services
When you need photos recovered, you are probably thinking, “Which is the best photo recovery software?”. You want something you can use on your own to spare yourself a trip to your local computer or phone repair shop or a data recovery lab. You might even be looking for software online that can analyze your phone, flash drive, external hard drive, or other device and dredge up your missing files, without installing software to your computer. You want things cheap, convenient, and fast. You want an app or software tool for your mobile phone or your computer that will work quickly, be easy to use, and get your photos back.

But do you want your photos recovered fast… or do you want them recovered right

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