Download Teacher Union Related Latest News Report

Download Teacher Union Related Latest News Report

The same thing applies with pacifiers for papa.Use of ICT for Vaccine [Even if money is the mouthpiece of SIC this wa AFFECTIVE SOCIAL Fi Chanelerines to consider about learners Demographic - Class size, variety, cultural context, socio-economic status, gender, marginalization Location and availability / technical terms etc. Vipipanar may consider

Intelligence and foreknowledge educational level, elementary, upper primary, and experience, learning.Digital literacy level, intellectual ability, •Effective social - teacher has his own attitude towards teaching and learning,

The environment for online learning is expected to include things like self-attitude, motivational level, personality relationships and introspection in areas of interest.
This is when dealing with students. And emotional health and the awareness that comes with it help him decide what medical and therapeutic support should be prescribed and what supportive techniques should be adopted.

As such, when providing educational resources to a visually impaired child, ICT b. Tools such as Crit to Spy play an important role in communicating information. Children with poor financial status need to be able to get open source or free sleep. Thus a scholarly understanding helps in choosing the right ICT and making the classroom more inclusive.

Activity 3 Integration of ICT in Teaching, Learning and Assessment Respond to the following. āŠķું What are the ICT facilities required for the study-teaching of the subject given in the activity sheet?

Are these facilities available in your school? • Is the ICT used in the activity suitable for all types of learners of all classes? Do you think different ICTs are required for different Shikha Rao? 136

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