CBSE Std. 12 Result Preparation: Calculate this way according to the formula 30:30: 40 and prepare your result yourself in 1 minute.

Answers to various questions regarding Vaa Assessment Scheme

તમારું રિજલ્ટ કેટલું આવશે તે જોવા નીચેના કેલ્ક્યુલેટર માં માર્ક્સ નાખો

The CBSE has fixed the formula of 30:30:40 to prepare the result of 12th standard, which states that any student should get 30% of the total marks obtained in 10th standard final examination, 30% of total marks in 11th final and 12th standard unit test, mid term and pre. -40% of the total marks of the board examination will be added. Adding to this, the total that can be calculated with the total marks of the 12th final examination.

When calculating the result, it should be kept in mind that according to the 30:30:40 formula, the marks of 10th, 11th and 12th are combined to get only the theory score. Don't consider this as a total score, as the marks of this year's practical exam have already been sent to CBSE.

How to add 10th standard marks

10th standard students are mainly preparing for 5 or sometimes 6 subjects. Out of these, marks of 3 top scoring subjects will be added.

How to add 11 marks

Total marks of all 11th standard subjects will be included. Marks of only 3 subjects will not be added like in 10th standard.

How to add 12th standard marks

According to 12th standard subjects, marks will be added, in which marks will be given by adding marks of unit test, marks of mid term exam and pre-board exam.

Note- CBSE has not reported subject wise result, hence we are showing overall result marks and percentage.

Now with the help of this formula students can calculate their result. The following calculation table can also be used for this purpose.

Know the result in detail through question and answer

Question-1: If 3 examinations have been done, will the marks be calculated in case of Unit Exam, Mid Term and Pre-Board?

A- It will depend on the school which result it submits to CBSE.

Question 2: How will the marks be calculated according to the subject?

A. Nothing is clear about this yet.

Question 3: When the marks of the theory are counted in 500, how will the final score be informed along with the practical?

Ans- This calculation is for theory test only. The marks of the practical exam will be added in the final result. The school has already sent marks to CBSE.

30:30:40 Why create a formula?

The 10th and 12th CBSE exams have been canceled due to the Corona epidemic. Prime Minister Narendra Modi held an important meeting on the 12th exam. It was then decided to cancel. Following this decision, the Indian School Certificate (ISC) canceled the 12th examination.

"The safety of the students is our priority," he said during the meeting. We cannot risk their lives. The result of 12th standard will also be prepared within the time limit and on logical basis. A team of 13 members was then organized on June 4 to determine the students ’marking system. The committee was ordered to submit a report within 10 days.

Results will come by July 31

The CBSE will have to submit a report to the Supreme Court on June 14 on the formula prepared for the 12th result. According to the board, if a student is not satisfied with the result of the examination, a separate examination will be organized for him. Results are available by July 31.

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