You are at home, but you have to go out to get milk-vegetables and rations, what to do to prevent Corona from entering in such a situation? Learn the complete guideline

You are at home, but you have to go out to get milk-vegetables and rations, what to do to prevent Corona from entering in such a situation? Learn the complete guideline

Corona's second wave has broken all records. The central and state governments are trying to get most people to stay at home. Lockdowns are in place in many cities, but people sitting in four walls also have to go out to get rations, milk, vegetables, fruits and medicine. In such a situation they are worried that the coronavirus may not come into the house with them or with the item. According to research conducted at the University of Florida in the United States, 18% of corona patients are also infecting their household members. The rate was 7.5% in SARS and only 4.7% in MERS. So know, the guideline of the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to avoid corona while staying at home ...

Home delivery

Make sure masks and gloves are worn at the time of delivery. If this does not happen, do not take delivery and complain to the company concerned.

Throw away cardboard or plastic packaging when food or groceries arrive at home.
Throw away the packing material in the trash can kept outside the house.

Take things out with clean hands and bring them inside the house.
Wash or sanitize your hands thoroughly with soap.
Rations or groceries

Make a list of items: Risk at the store occurs when the item is shown to the shopkeeper or at the time of billing. So make a list of what you want to buy.

Also wear gloves: Wear disposable gloves along with masks and distillations, so that if you touch something during the transaction, it will prevent the virus from entering the house.

Avoid cash or card payments: Pay online after billing. Also, avoid card payments. If you do cash transactions, give or take with gloved hands.

Choose the right time: Choose a time to shop when the shop is less crowded.
Return home with the item

Keep a counter or table near the entrance to the house. Keep it here for a while before bringing it in and disinfect it if it is a packed item.
If the food is in a tin or plastic container, wash it with soap or water.
Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly with tap water.
Do not wash fruits-vegetables, mutton-chicken with soap or bleach or sanitizer. It can hurt.
Clean the mobile phone cover by soaking it in alcohol base solution for Rs.
Wash or sanitize your hands and feet with soap. Take a bath if possible.
Wash your clothes with detergent and water. These clothes can also be washed with other clothes.
Avoid shopping other than essentials.
Home service or repair

Before a plumber, electrician or engineer comes home

Check local administration guidelines for what types of services are allowed.

If someone in the home is sick or elderly, isolate them in one of the rooms before the service provider arrives.

Communicate as many issues as possible, so that the service provider has less time at home.

Work information and pictures can be sent by phone or email.
Talk to Carona on the phone about caution. For example, wearing a mask during a visit, checking your body temperature before entering, or talking about whether or not you are allowed to use the restroom at home.
When the service provider arrives

Ask the service provider to go inside wearing a mask.
If he doesn't have a mask or doesn't wear a mask properly, give him a three-layer disposable mask.
Wear a mask yourself and all members of the family.
Keep a distance of at least 6 feet with the service provider.
All family members should at least talk to the service provider.
Try to make a touchless payment
If you have to make a cash transaction, wash your hands thoroughly with soap immediately after the transaction or sanitize your hands with a sanitizer containing 60% alcohol.
Sanitize all necessary surfaces after completion of work.
Before going to see a doctor or show up to buy medicine

Talk to your doctor online, on the phone, or by e-mail.
Use telemedicine if available.
Ask your doctor to follow all your procedures that are not urgently needed.
Inside a hospital or clinic

If you have symptoms of corona, inform your doctor first.
Wear a mask properly on the road, in the clinic or hospital.
Do not touch any surface, counter, railing etc.

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