How To Seal EVM Control Unit With paper seal & Strip Seal ?

How To Seal EVM Control Unit With paper seal & Strip Seal ?

notable precautions despite the fact that sealing with strip seal:

The right to vote is the heart of every democracy. The true power lies with the people of every democracy who ultimately decide the destiny of the country by choosing the representatives who run the Government. India is one of the largest democratic countries in the world in terms of number of voters. In a country so populous, different states have varied concerns and ideas. Hence, voting becomes a medium of expression for people. Given the number of elections that comes and goes by in India and also the rising population, one cannot deny the fact that there have been a few instances of malpractices like vote rigging. To make the process of voting smooth and to ensure that every eligible citizen gets a chance to vote, the Government of India came up with the Voter ID cards in 1993. Now, Voter ID cards have been shaped to EPIC - Electoral Photo Identity Cards.

1. even as putting in strip, guarantee the rubber cap top the “CLOSE” button is missing clear and at hand is no hurdle in removing the rubber cap and in use that ‘CLOSE’ button.

2. The strip seal shall be flat stiff and not loose.

3. smashed STRIPS hold NOT TO BE second-hand IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

4. both polling rank will be abounding with three (3) strip seals.

5. relation for both strip seal abounding to the polling position for the conduct of market research in the Presiding Officers’ Diary.
6. send every strip seal that has not been old (including the strips (or pieces thereof) dented accidentally)

7. Strip seals are kept back in out of harm's way incarceration always

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