January ekam kasoti karykram declare

There is now a need to look at the source of energy that can be saved and on the other hand the source that is available should be used with less waste and proper management. And to demonstrate the contribution and importance of alternative sources that are possible.

It is expected that students will study and understand various aspects of power generation, distribution and management as well as its value effectiveness, its impact on the environment and society etc. Students look at different methods / applications for production / distribution / management of different sources of energy to meet future challenges.

Topics that can be put on display in this regard are: (1) Electricity, water, avik, sun. Efficient models showing the structures of power units such as geothermal, wind and windmill. Power Generating Unit - which can also suggest more efficient / more productive and less costly innovative improved schemes (2) Scheme of power saving devices or equipment from non-reproducible source (2) to prevent or use wasted energy as well as pollution Maps of efficient models or schemes of low-fuel and low-fuel engines / engines chulastiv or bhaki

Plan to generate power from energy sources such as wind, sun, water, geothermal, ocean and biomass or efficient model (5) power transmission and distribution as well as Maps showing the use of new items (such as optical fiber, superconducting materials) required for its advantages and disadvantages (6) Extraction of rock fuels such as coal, petroleum, natural gas, etc., its storage, except for further losses.

Efficient models showing the order of placement and its hierarchy and this facility etc. (1) Efficient models of recording and reproduced country-audio equipment, cartoons and televisions for entertainment and relaxation.


(8) Efficient model of printing technology showing the use of Kastutar in movies - Graphics and communication with different media () Efficient model showing the contribution of different media in overcoming life's challenges

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