TAT Secondary Shixan sahayak bharti District pasandagi instruction

TAT Secondary Shixan sahayak bharti District pasandagi instruction

According to the provisions of Tinagar or Education Department dated 17/11/1, website dated 5/12/2030. Select List (Final Merit List), Waiting List and List of Unsuccessful Candidates Website Has been made famous. - A select list is prepared in proportion to the available subjects, category wise. In this relax lit.

Each candidate is shown the details of the category in which they have been selected. As well as all the candidates of the select list have been informed about this via SMS, - The candidates included in the select list will have to give their online district selection, - Choose your online district daily on the website www.gserc.in till 12.00 pm

Will be able to give. - All the candidates included in the select list will have to give online district selection. - Candidates who do not give online district selection as they want to give up their right according to the recruitment process

Assuming they will be excluded from the payment process. Of special note to those whose relatives. - To give online district selection, ...........

• Apply for Secondary Government by visiting the candidate website www.gserc.in

The option will have to be clicked, the candidate will have to enter his TAT ​​number in the checkbox which will be clicked, which will be the date and fixed Captcha.

Enter the code and login. After logging in, the online application form of the candidate will have OTP, which will open the names of the districts available for the candidates according to the subject and category of the OTP at the screen. For example, if the candidate is from Gujarati subject and they have allotted category general, then the general category posts of Gujarati subject will appear in the name of the district in which the candidate appears, by clicking on all these districts

While giving online district selection, the candidate has to sort all the districts available for him in his order of choice, i.e. online district selection will be submitted only if you give 100% district selection. Otherwise your online district selection will not be accepted. Candidates whose special note should be taken, candidates will be able to make a district selection in their district selection on the last date of 5/12/2018 till 12.00 pm. But on 5/12/2030 at 12.00 pm, the district will give the final software auto-submission to the selected district and accordingly, according to your merit, you will be allotted software online district.

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