STD 8 GUJARATI and Maths Unit test Preparation video December 2020

STD 8 GUJARATI and Maths Unit test Preparation video December 2020

Globally, everything has stopped. Projects are delayed, workplaces closed and schools pack up . the planet seems to possess ground to a halt due to the novel coronavirus.

However, students continue their education through online learning and via video calls with their teachers, especially in big cities like Jakarta. The model is currently the simplest alternative as keeping schools open poses a security risk for college kids .

Globally, many countries have adopted this approach. Schools in ny , the us , prepared for online learning by distributing gadgets to their students, ensuring that they had access to learning materials. As of early April, education authorities distributed around 500,000 laptops and tablets to their students, allowing them to participate in classes online.

When the primary two COVID-19 cases were announced in Indonesia in early March, the country was during a panic. On March 14, Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan announced that each one schools in Jakarta were to be closed. However, many faculties weren't able to apply home learning programs yet. the web classes implemented in Indonesia work differently from those within the US. this is often thanks to a scarcity of preparation during this country.



As a student participating within the home-learning program, online school was confusing to regulate to as we had not been prepared through simulations or practices beforehand. Students reported the home-learning program to be even more stressful than regular classrooms. a number of the common reasons for this went by the lines of: "Normal classes may are difficult, but having friends makes it such a lot more manageable and fewer stressful. Online classes remove the advantages of getting friends to socialize with and being stuck alone with nothing but assignments."

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