STD 5 GUJARATI and Maths Unit test Preparation video December 2020

STD 5 GUJARATI and Maths Unit test Preparation video December 2020

List of benefits and importance of insurance

Insurance is a risk management tool not only benefits the individual and businesses but also benefits the society and economy in numerous ways. Following are some of the important benefits of insurance:

Provides peace of mind:

Insurance provides protection against various uncertainties that can put you or your family in financial crisis. By covering the uncertainties of human life and businesses, insurance provides a sense of security. Having life insurance gives you peace of mind that the financial stability of your family will remain intact even when you are not around. Having health insurance gives you a sense of security that you do not need to shell out all your savings in the event of medical emergencies.
Promotes risk control:
As insurance works on risk transfer mechanism, it promotes risk control activity.
Promotes economic growth:
As insurance funds are invested in various projects like water supply, power and roads etc, it contributes to the overall economic growth of the nation. Also, insurance provides employment opportunity to people. Insurance contributes to economic growth in many other ways such as getting Foreign Direct Investment, paying taxes on the profit earned and by investing in the capital market etc.
Distribution of risk:
The risk of insurance is spread across various individuals and organisation instead of concentrating on only one.

Helps to get loan easily:

There are loan facilities offered against insurance policies. In case of home loans, having an insurance cover can help to get the loan easily from the lender.
Inculcates savings habit:
There are many life insurance products that come with investment cum protection benefit. Such products inculcate a regular saving habit among individuals. Plans like endowment insurance plans help in achieving long-term financial goals. Pension plans help to receive regular income flow in older age.
Provides tax benefit:
Insured gets the tax benefits for premium paid depending on the insurance product type. For example, the premium paid towards life insurance plans qualifies for tax deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. And, the premium paid towards health insurance plans qualifies for tax deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Following are some of the examples that demonstrate the importance of insurance:


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Case 1:
Ram, a software engineer living in Bangalore meets with an accident and dies on the spot leaving his wife and son in deep emotional shock. He was just 40! He also has a home loan of INR. 30 lakhs running. Luckily, Ram has taken a term insurance cover of INR. 1 Cr. at the age of 32 years for 25 years of the policy tenure. His wife received compensation from the insurance company within 10 days which helped her pay off the debt and invest the corpus for future needs. If he had not taken the wise decision of investing in life insurance, his family would have been a huge financial crisis today! Insurance is important to secure your family’s future.
Case 2:
Sunil, an employee in a multinational company in Mumbai suddenly fell unconscious due to high fever. He was then rushed to the nearest hospital. He was admitted for 3 days in the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. When he was discharged after 3 days, his hospital bill came up to around INR. 70,000. Luckily, he had taken a health insurance coverage for INR. 3, 00,000. As the hospital was listed in the network hospitals of his insurer, bills were directly settled to the hospital. If he had not known the importance of insurance, he would have to pay INR.70, 000 out of his pocket. Insurance helps you to have financial stability during unforeseen events.
To conclude, shield your life and important assets against all the uncertainties with the help of insurance. Know what insurance coverages you need, compare and invest wisely. It’s important to understand that the need for insurance is to secure what you love.

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