virtual Class Daily video 17 october std 9 to 12

 virtual Class Daily video 17 october std 9 to 12

Even if the campus of the university opens early, the students of Ahmedabad University will be able to opt for online classes till December, 2020. The remarkable policy was announced by Ahmedabad University Vice-Chancellor Professor Pankaj Chandra amid uncertainties over when campuses across the country would reopen.

The decision has been taken as the university has implemented strict plans and management procedures to ensure the safety of students during the new academic year. The date of arrival on campus during the monsoon semester is uncertain and the university will ask students to come to campus only when it is safe for them to do so.

Considering the situation faced by students coming from Gujarat and other cities of the country, Vice Chancellor Pankaj Chandra said, Until then we will facilitate them to study online. We have taken this step as the students entering the university this year are facing unprecedented situations and have to pay special attention to it. '

If there was one thing that caused the most damage in the Corona period, it was education. The children have not been to school for more than six months. And now in Gujarat, schools are not likely to open till Diwali. The central government from September 21 std. Students from 9 to 12 were allowed to be called to the school, but the Gujarat government does not have to take this risk and there is no hope of opening schools till Diwali. On the one hand, there is a tussle between parents and school administrators over school fees. The High Court has refused to mediate in the matter, saying the state government should take a decision in the matter. Parents do not want to pay full fees when schools are closed. School administrators say how can we pay teachers if they don't pay fees? In these circumstances parents who do not pay the fee are not given the password of online education by the school. In short, the very poor condition of education is being witnessed now.

The question is that private schools in the state charge full fees in the name of online education but are the children getting online education properly? The government, on the other hand, is not talking about what online education is for children in government schools. The fact is that the education of children studying in government schools is in a very poor condition at present. Millions of children in Gujarat are studying in government schools. More than 50% of these children do not have access to online education. Online education requires a smartphone as well as a separate mobile for the child. Not every child has this arrangement. As a result, even if online education continues, these children are still deprived of education. So how do these children get back into the mainstream of education? That raises a big question

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