Unit Test Standard 11th 2 subject in October 2020

Unit Test Standard 11th 2 subject in October 2020

1 2. 3 3 The physical aspects of the crop book are of a general standard. In a good aspect, this cup of the cover of the textbook is suitable for date, size, distance between two rows, print, price and total number of pages. When the cover of a weak side character book. Khampani and black are not strong and durable. As well as the printing is not beautiful, the content in Pathaipur is of excellent quality. In the good aspects, the work in the presentation is relatively appropriate in terms of choice of subject matter, language accuracy, accuracy of details and timeliness according to the nature of the students. The content provides students with a variety of cognitive experiences as well as basic knowledge for higher endeavors. While the weak side does not insure the various forms of literature in the proper place in the content, it does not provide adequate explanation of the idiosyncrasies and grammar. As well as the sophistication and innovation of the content. What is the introduction of the content in the textbook? The presentation of the content of Nara Mercury is simple, slow, psychologically relevant to the students. 2. What is the comic, consistent and pre-knowledge as well as the connection of the main subjects with Nathe. While in all aspects the presentation of the content does not maintain a proper essay with real life as well as the level of poetic presence. The drawing of pictures in the book is of ordinary nature, in which the pictures in a good aspect correspond to the subject matter. Helps students to understand the subject matter, introduces the central idea of ​​the subject matter and develops the imagination and creativity of the students. The pictures in the aspect are not colorful, not enough and not interesting enough to attract the attention of the students. Exercise is excellent in the textbook. In which the good aspect of ownership | Useful for consolidating mental content, fairy method wise. 4 corresponds to the age group of the students and the intellect of the students is to cultivate the same reasoning.

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My no-brainer. Jane Chagpur, Kani Nonik, a villager, was found to be of a general standard. That is to say, the content of the Vakach book is suitable to suit the content of the subject matter and the study of Swadhyay Vighartho, while in the writing of the textbook Natika Bastrano and Chitra, the three ropes of Rachaar are required. The present 16 conclusions were reviewed by K. Moore, wife of the present sempam. In which the results regarding the content and presentation of the content were satisfactory, while the results related to Pavku's tic-tac-toe and drawing of pictures were unsatisfactory. The results of the research were consistent with the findings of the previous research. 5.6 Physical Outcomes According to the findings of the proposed study, the cover and neck of the book should be strong and durable. The printing should be beautiful as well. The content of the textbook should give space to various forms of literature. Adequate explanation of difficult words and grammar should be given as well as sophistication and novelty in the content. The pictures in the textbook should be colorful and in sufficient quantity as well as interesting to attract the attention of the students. Exercise questions in five books that cover the subject matter of the name of the chapter and should be sufficient as well as widowhood !! Ema is one of the number of episodes that make fun of the forest of love.

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