Online navratri garba at home through youtube from Kirtidan to Jignesh barot

Online navratri garba at home through youtube from Kirtidan to Jignesh barot

Amidst the Corona epidemic, the festival of Shakti Aradhana Navratri has started from today. The government has imposed a complete ban on Garba this year so as not to spread the Koro transition. Well-known singers from Gujarat have been thumping to celebrate Navratri online online. With the establishment of Mataji at home, the players will play Garba wearing traditional dress. This year, singers from Kirtidan Gadhvi to Kinjal Dave will be seen singing Garba online. They will do Garba Live through YouTube and Instagram. However, Kinjal Dave will sing Garba live on the 8th North. While Dr. Tushar Bhonsle of Vadodara, who runs the music group, will make 800 children of Prince Ashokraj Gaekwad School do individual online garba, in which about 80 teachers will teach online. The children will get ready at home and play individual garba.

Kirtidan Gadhvi will sing Mataji's Garba online

Sahiyar Group, which has been organizing Navratri in Rajkot city for 20 years, is planning to hold not actual but virtual Navratri this year, in which players and people will be able to listen to the songs of their favorite singers and the orchestra will be playing. Surendrasinh Wala, president of Sahiyar Group, said that Maa Ambani Aarti and Garba will be performed daily from the same venue without inviting any players or spectators and people will be online on Sahiyar Rasotsav's YouTube channel and through other social media. People will also be able to enjoy Navratri at home and play Garba. Artists Tejas Shishangia, Rahul Mehta, Sajid Khyar, Charmi Rathore will play the tune. Apart from this, Kirtidan Gadhvi, who has a personal relationship with Sahiyar, will also sing Mataji's Garba. Khodidas and keyboard player Deepak Vadher will play with the same musician and rhythm as every year Navratri.

I'm coming to see and play Garba at home: Kinjal Dave

Kinjal Dave posted on Facebook about the Navratri celebration saying Jai Mataji, friends. I am coming to perform on wynkstage on 24th October at 7:00 pm on Mataji's 8th so that you can meet and play Garba at home this time as usual for Aso Sud Navali Navratri.

We are not going to go to any program as per government rule: Hemant Chauhan

Well known bhajanist Hemant Chauhan said that no online garba has been booked so far. According to the government's rule, we are not going to go anywhere, big or small, because if there are more people in the program, then we are going to stay at home, we are not going anywhere.

We are going to launch a song on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube: Bhoomi Panchal.

We are going to launch a song on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube: Bhoomi Panchal.
Should launch song on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube: Bhoomi Panchal

"This time we are going to launch the song on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and make the viewers happy by going live on Instagram and Facebook," said renowned singer Bhoomi Panchal.

I request you to worship Mataji at home too: Jignesh Kaviraj.

We will do Mataji's Aarti-Stuti at home: Jignesh Kaviraj

When the famous folk singer Jignesh Kaviraj said, "Navratri cannot be celebrated this year due to the epidemic of Corona, so this time we are going to do Aarti-Stuti of Mataji at home and I request you to also worship Mataji at home."

The time of Navratri is important for every artist: Rajal Barot.

Will release video albums through YouTube: Rajal Barot

Rajal Barot says the time of Navratri is important for every artist. This time Navratri is not going to happen but we will release video albums for the entertainment of the people through YouTube.

I should do five garbas in my house with my artists and sajindas: Falguniben

Vadodara-based singer Falguniben Bhesania says, "Today, my artists and sajindas will come to my house in Akota and sing together with five garbas and leave with prasad." We will miss Navratri very much this time. However, in order to maintain the enthusiasm of the artists, all the artists will come together and worship Mataji.

From Geeta Rabari to Aditya Gadhvi and Osman Mir Ramzat will be called on Kirtidan's YouTube channel

Kirtidan Gadhvi, Osman Mir, Geeta Rabari, Nisha Barot, Aditya Gadhvi, Kairavi Butch, Gaman Santhal, Rajal Barot, Kajal Mehria, Umesh Barot, Nilesh Gadhvi, Dharmesh Barot, Sagardan Gadhvi, including Rashmitaben Rabtarni, Ramzat will be seen speaking on YouTube channel and private news channels.

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