Khelo india Fitness Talim Direct link 6 October 9 Am

Khelo india Fitness Talim Direct link 6 October 9 Am
Fit India Movement is conducting Fit India Freedom Run from 15th August – 2nd October 2020 to encourage fitness and help us all to get freedom from obesity, laziness, stress, anxiety, diseases etc. The concept behind this run is that “It can be run anywhere, anytime!”. You can-

  1. Run a route of your choice, at a time that suits you.
  2. Break-up your runs.
  3. Run your own race at your pace.
  4. Track your kms manually or by using any tracking app or GPS watch.
  5. Mode of participation:
  6. Participation can be done through Fit India Website either on
  7. Organizer’s platform or
  8. Those who have undertaken their own run can individually submit their data and download the certificate.
  9. For More Details go Down
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