Gujarat Virtual Shala online Exam for std 9 TO 12 Students see the steps on how to take the exam & Exam Link

Gujarat Virtual Shala online test for std 9 TO 12 scholars see the way on how to take the test & test Link. 


 You've Lost a train, Now What? 

 Nothing can make you feel more helpless than trying to deliver a train from a failing PC, Mac, or external drive. perhaps it's the trove of family prints that suddenly can not be set up in its brochure, or the important documents you scrutinized and saved as PDFs to a now- failing hard drive. Whatever the case, you will do anything — anything — to get those lines back. Relax; you do not have to offer up your firstborn or a order to do so. A Data recovery mileage may be just the result you need to get you out of the fix you find yourself in. 


 What Can Data Recovery Software Do? 



 સમગ્ર શિક્ષા, ગુજરાતના હોર્મ લર્નિંગ કાર્યક્રમ અંતર્ગત “ સ્વમૂલ્યાંકન ” – Student’s WhatsApp- grounded Mulkyankan આરંભ કરવામાં આવી રહ્યું છે. “ સ્વમૂલ્યાંકન ” હેઠળ દરેક વિદ્યાર્થીનું Whats App ના માધ્યમ દ્વારા ખૂબ જ સરળ રીતે ધોરણ અને વિષય- આધારીત પર  બહુવૈકલ્પીક મૂલ્યાંકન કરવામાં આવશે અને તે પછી પરીણામ આધારીત ઉપચારાત્મક અને સંદર્ભ અભ્યાસની લિંક પણ અહીં   મોકલવામાં આવશે. 

સ્વમૂલ્યાંકન અંતર્ગત એ  પહેલી કસોટી ધો.10 માટે તા.02/01/2021 નાં રોજ લેવામાં આવનાર છે. નીચે આપેલ વ્હોટસેપ નંબર ધોરણ- 10 નાં દરેક વિદ્યાર્થીઓ સુધી પહોંચાડવાનો રહેશે અથવા  આપના તાબા હેઠળની શાળાઓનાં ધોરણ- 10 માં અભ્યાસ કરતાં તમામ વિદ્યાર્થીઓ આ સ્વમૂલ્યાંકનમાં ભાગ લે તે આપની કક્ષાએથી સુનિશ્ચિત કરવા વિનંતી. 


 આના માટે વિદ્યાર્થી ને પોતાના  શાળાનો UDISE કોડનો ખ્યાલ હોય તે સુનિશ્ચિત કરવા દરેક વિદ્યાર્થીઓ એ  પોતાની શાળાનો UDISE કોડ ખ્યાલ હોય તે કન્ફર્મ કરવાનું રહેશે. 

સ્વમૂલ્યાંકન WhatsApp Number 8595524523 



 નોંધ; આ નંબરને અહીં Whats App Learning Gujarat નાં નામથી સેવ કરવાનો રહેશે. 

 વધુ માહિતી માટે stoner Manualને અનુસરવી. 

ઉપરના સ્ટેપ્સ અનુસર્યા બાદ આ પ્રકારનો મેસેજ આવશે 

આપનો UDISE કોડ નાખશો એટલે તરત જ આપનો ટેસ્ટ વોટ્સએપ પર જ શરુ થઇ જશે 


 Data recovery software can be nearly miraculously useful in some situations, and entirely useless in others. The stylish of the train- recovery apps that we reviewed make it royal to recover lines from traditional spinning hard drives, flash drives, SD cards, and other forms of movable storehouse, including your phone. They can also recoup some or all of the data that you else can not pierce on a failing CD or DVD fragment. What they can not do — because no consumer- position software can do it — is recover a train that you deleted from the solid- state drive( SSD) that is presumably in your laptop if you bought it in the once time or so, and conceivably in your desktop if it's also of recent stretch. For SSD data recovery, you will need to shoot your fragment to a recovery lab; more on that below. numerous of the apps we reviewed have both Windows and Mac performances, and they may be priced slightly else. 

Where data recovery software is most useful is when you inaptly formatted a thumb drive or a media card without flashing back to snare the lines formerly stored there, or if you inaptly deleted lines from your phone. This is the kind of mishap that can be to anyone. Advanced druggies frequently get overeager about evacuating the Recycle Bin, and want to get back lines they did not intend to cancelforever.However, the stylish recovery software can restore those lost lines, If you are using a traditional spinning hard drive. A many advanced druggies — you know who you are — have indeed deleted whole fragment partitions by mistake when performing housekeeping on their hard disks. Again, with a traditional spinning hard drive, retrieval software can bring it back in one piece. 


 All these apps offer to recover lost or deleted lines. Some include the capability to make a fragment image( or full clone) of a drive so that you can try to recover lines from the image or clone rather of from the fragment itself. This is an essential point if you are trying to recover lines from a fragment that is physically failing, and may continue to fail if your recovery software keeps trying to read from it. 

Some data recovery apps also include the contrary of train recovery — endless train omission. When you want to make sure that no bone

 can recoup your data, you can tell these apps to overwrite the data with enough arbitrary bytes to make the original data undecipherable. Keep in mind that government agencies have tools that can recoup data from nearly anything, but these apps make it impracticable indeed for expert stealers to recover private information from stolen or discarded fragment drives. 



Where Software Fails, Labs May Succeed 


 Several of the data recovery apps we reviewed come from companies that offer laboratory- grounded data recovery services — always at a highprice.However, also you can consider getting it recovered by an in- lab service, If you can not recover data from your drive with an app. All of these services claim to recover data indeed from SSDs. We have not tested these claims, but all these services will not charge you unless they actually recoup your data, so it may be worth looking into them in case of real extremities. Those services — Kroll, Prosoft, and Seagate — that offer correspondence- in recovery labs are noted in the table over, and you can read about the details of the particular immolations in the full reviews of those services. 

A Caveat About SSDs

One failing that bothered us in all these apps — including our top picks — is that they did not indeed advise us that we could not recover lines from an SSD. It's easy for an app to tell whether a drive uses spinning- server or SSD technology, and easy to tell whether TRIM technology is active in a drive. All of the software we reviewed, both on the Mac and PC, misleadingly told us that they were suitable to recover deleted lines from SSDs — and also dissatisfied us by furnishing loose and unworkable lines rather of the bones
 we wanted. We hope that the coming generation of data recovery software is redesigned to make it clear that we can not hope for train recovery on SSDs unless the deleted lines are safely in the Recycle Bin — where, of course, they are easy to find without using recovery software. 

 The reason that data recovery software can not recover data from SSDs is simple. nearly all current SSDs use so- called TRIM technology that increases effectiveness and fragment life by clearing fragment sectors that aren't being used. One result of this is that the data can not be recovered by software, indeed if the train system retains its record of the sectors where the data used to be. With traditional spinning hard drives and USB flash drives, train recovery is fairly simple. Recovery software can find the position of a train's data indeed if you've voided the Recycle Bin, frequently indeed if you've reformatted the fragment. But once a train is deleted from an SSD, and the Recycle Bin has been voided, there is no stopgap of ever getting that train back again, unless you have a backup nearly. 
How to Take Online test for Gujarat Virtual Shala 
 Steps to join the entire education, Gujarati online test Gujarat Virtual academy 

Which Data Recovery Software Do You Need? 
 We set up two Editors' Choice data recovery apps for Windows Kroll Ontrack EasyRecovery and Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. Ontrack was the stylish pantomime in our tests, veritably slightly outdistancing Astral Phoenix in the number of lines it recovered, but Stellar Phoenix has in far the stylish interface of anything we tried. On the Mac side Alsoft DiskWarrior is an Editors' Choice, for its capability to rebuild entire Mac directories. Pro soft Data Rescue is an superb choice for getting back the odd document or spreadsheet that you by any chance deleted from your Mac. 

 Lost data can beget fiscal problems and emotional heartbreak. You presumably have hundreds of prints and sound lines that you can not bear to lose. A dependable backup system is the stylish option, but data recovery software is the alternate-stylish, and occasionally the only, choice available. Look into our suggestions now, so you will be ready if disaster strikes. 
 Once you've got your lines back, you will want to regularly back up your work. Our roundups of the Stylish External Hard Drives, the Stylish Provisory Software, and the Stylish pall Provisory Services are good places to start. 

 Under the home literacy program of Samagra Shiksha, Gujarat, online classes of Gujarat Virtual academy Std- 9 and Std- 10 Mathematics( 10 AM), Science( 11 AM) Std- 10 English(2.15 PM) and Std- 12 Accounts(12.15 PM), Statistics(1.15 PM), Mathematics(12.15 PM) will be examined on03-10-2020. So to share in this test, click on the link below and you'll see the live videotape of our channel in front of you. Click on the vide 

 DiskDigger can undelete and recover lost prints and images from your memory card or internal memory. No lodging necessary! * Whether you accidentally deleted a print, or indeed reformatted your memory card, DiskDigger's important data recovery features can find your lost filmland and let you restore them. 

 You can upload your recuperate lines directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, or shoot them via dispatch. The app also allows you to save the lines to a separate real brochure on your device. 

 * If your device isn't embedded , the app will stage a" limited" checkup for your deleted prints by searching your hidden  and thumbnails. 
 * If your device is embedded , the app will search all of your device's memory for any trace of prints, as well as vids! 

 * After the checkup is complete, tap the" Clean up" button to  forever cancel any particulars that you no lengthy need( presently an experimental point, available only in the Basic overlook). 
 * You can also use the" Wipe free space" option to abolish the remaining free space on your device, so that any deleted lines can no longer be recoverable. 

 For complete instructions, please see http//
However, try DiskDigger Pro! 
 If you need to recover  promote types of lines besides prints and vids. IMPORTANT LINK 

 Standard- 9 and 10 Mathematics and Science Student's WhatsApp- Grounded Mulkyankan 

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