Post selfies with masks on social media, find out what the challenge is and why it is necessary; India ranks 5th in wearing masks

Post selfies with masks on social media, find out what the challenge is and why it is necessary; India ranks 5th in wearing masks

Vietnam has the highest number of masks at 91% and Britain has the lowest at 16%, followed by 76% in India.

Take special care of fitting while wearing the mask, do not use over-exposed and fitted masks

The first and most important thing to prevent coronavirus is a mask. The World Health Organization has launched the #WearAMaskChallenge to raise awareness about masks around the world. The director general of the organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebrayes, made the announcement in a video message. Know what this challenge is? And how to accept it?

What is #WearAMaskChallenge
The #WearAMaskChallenge Challenge aims to create a photo or video of yourself wearing a mask. Then post a masked photo or video on social media and nominate your friends for the challenge. This will increase public awareness about the mask, as well as protect against corona infection.

But a mask alone is not enough
The mask is the main weapon against coronavirus, but it is not enough. Along with that people also have to take care of social distance and hygiene. The Ipsos 15 National Survey, conducted in late April, found that 3 out of 4 Indians living in cities wear masks.

Why should Mask Challenge be accepted?
The survey report from 15 countries found that India ranks 5th with 76% in terms of wearing a mask. India is followed by Vietnam with 91%, China with 83%, Italy with 81% and Japan with 77%.
Many big countries are lagging behind in terms of wearing masks. Only 16% of people in Britain wear a mask. So the figure is 20% in Germany, 21% in Australia, 28% in Canada and 34% in France. The number of coronavirus cases is also high in these countries.
There is no seriousness for masks in India
People in India are still not so aware of masks. Police in the capital Delhi fined 66,181 people for not wearing masks after the lockdown ended in June.

Even in Bangalore, known as the indigenous Silicon Valley, a total of Rs 88 lakh has been imposed on 47,000 people for not maintaining masks and distance during the unlock phase.

What are the things to keep in mind while wearing a mask?
Three steps of the mask
1. Choosing the right mask
Masks are necessary for our security, no show or formality is necessary. So when choosing a mask, be sure to pay attention to its size. Make sure it fits your face properly. If the mask is small and the face is not covered, it is difficult to breathe. The larger the size of the mask, the greater the distance between the faces, thus increasing the risk of infection.
2. The correct way to wear a mask
Pay attention to cleanliness while wearing the mask. The mask should not be dirty or torn. Do not wear a wet mask. Do not touch the front of the mask and wear only with the help of straps. Do not touch the mask with a bad hand and do not adjust frequently. Do not remove the mask during conversation and do not change its side.

3. Carefully remove the mask
Be careful when removing the mask as you wear it. Do not touch the mask from the front and only remove with the help of straps. Do not put it on any clothes after removing the mask. Do not share the used mask with another person. If the mask is not reusable, do not wear it again and dispose of it. Wash hands after removing the mask.

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