Medical reimbursement Cashless govt employees- Gujarat

Medical reimbursement Cashless govt employees- Gujarat

Government of Gujarat has issued New Medical Policy for Government Employees and Pensioners by publishing Government Resolution (GR) of Health and Family Welfare

Gandhinagar Chief Minister Anandiben Patel today announced a slew of relaxations in medical treatment and in reimbursement rules, making it more broad-based for state government Karma Yogis, including pensioners, work-charge, daily wagers, boards and corporations employees, freedom fighters and their dependents, under the Gujarat State Medical Treatment Rules-2015.

So far the reimbursement of medical expenses was allowed for treatment in government hospitals. Now on the government employees can claim reimbursement for treatment in government equivalent hospitals and in state government recognized empanelled private hospitals, in addition to the government hospitals.

In case the amount exceeds Rs.1-lakh, the employees will get 75 per cent amount as interest free advance.

As per the new provision, the government has empowered officials to reimburse the claim as per different slabs. The Head of the Office can approve reimbursement up to Rs.25,000, the Head of Department can approve Rs.25,000 to Rs.1-lakh and the Secretariat can approve Rs.1-lakh to Rs.2-lakh.

It would require the Health Minister’s approval after the Health Department’s recommendation for amount exceeding Rs.2-lakh and up to Rs.10-lakh. And it will require the Chief Minister’s approval for amount exceeding Rs.10-lakh.

The employees concerned must submit the claim within six months after the treatment and cure. And in case not possible within six months due to unavoidable circumstances, one needs to get approval of the Head of Department.

The rate of reimbursement is 100 per cent for treatment in recognized government hospitals, and in empanelled recognized hospitals, it will be at the rate fixed under ‘Ma Amritam Yojna’. It includes artificial transplantations.

Mrs. Patel said the employees will have the option of accepting medical allowance along with the monthly salary or as yearend reimbursement which must be claimed before March 15 every financial year. The option cannot be changed, except in case of serious illness.

She clarified that the employees having medi-claim policies cannot take benefit of the reimbursement scheme. However, if the cost of treatment is higher than the medi-claim, the employee will be eligible for reimbursement of the balance amount.

With the decentralization of the powers to approve bills for reimbursement of medical treatment, she hoped the employees will get quality medical treatment in private and recognized hospitals at pa

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