Purak exam - 2020 Important Instructions for General Stream Examiners:

1. Computer Education The practical examination of the subject should be taken by the concerned schools. The marks of which have to be sent to the board by the school in person by 31/02 2020.

2. To get complete guidance from their school regarding the code number of the language in which the answers are to be written by the examinees as well as the code number of the subjects taken and the date, time, time of examination of those subjects.

3. On the day of the examination, the examinees must reach the examination venue 3 minutes before the commencement of the examination.

4. It is forbidden to take any literature, book, guide, chart, mobile phone as well as electronic equipment like digital clock etc. to the examination venue and examination room. But Sardu will be allowed to carry with him the calculator. Even if the examinee has any literature during the inspection after the commencement of the examination, a case of malpractice will be registered against him and necessary action will be taken to punish him. If any type of handwritten or printed material is found from the examinee except the entrance in the examination room, it will be considered as evidence to register a case of irregularity. Take special note of it.

5. Practical examination of general stream music experimental (12) subject has to be taken by the schools and its marks have to be sent to the board in person by 31/09 2020 as per the instruction of the board.

6. Experimental examination subjects of Vocational stream Agriculture, Commerce, Home Science and Tantric group will be taken by the respective schools. Such schools will have to inform the examinees of their school about the program in advance.

7. Answers to Sindhi Language Question Paper (002) Subject Code Question Paper can be written in Sindhi Devanagari or Sindhi Arabic script.

8. Computer introduction of all streams The practical examination of the subject will be taken by the concerned school. Schools must report this to the student. -: Important Instructions for Science Stream Examiners:

9. U.M.P Exam, Science Stream, N.I. in one / two subjects in March 2020. (Unsuccessful candidates will be examined in two sessions.

10. Computer Education (Theoretical) Examination will be conducted from OMR answer sheet only. The time will be from 10:30 to 12:45. Method) There will be 50 questions and it will have a total mark of 30 and its duration will be 30 minutes.

12. The second part of the question paper will have PART-8. It will have descriptive type questions. Deputy Director (Dhariksha) Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Gandhinagar

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