Education sector 'Unlocked' from September 1: Schools will open in phases

Education sector 'Unlocked' from September 1: Schools will open in phases

During 1st to 15th September Std. Classes 10 to 12 will be opened then Std. Turn for students from 6th to 9th: Only two to three hours will be taught: Formula ready to open all educational institutions in the country by 14th November

Corona's lockdown in March is not frequently open to school-colleges but has been explored by plans to open special institutions for the local festival on September 1st. Prayer institutes can be opened for the period of 1st September to 14th November.

A schedule study has been done to open the final Shiva group prayer institutes on departure from the management of Korona. Masante may announce the new unlock guide publicly. However, the decision to open school colleges and how can be found out of state.

The central government has issued detailed guidelines for opening schools and colleges.
A survey conducted by the Department of Education last month. His trouble is the September 1 academic opening proceedings. And detailed guidelines can be determined.

The service of the education department has gone out, as Coroney is scared, but the children have a school message, but the state could not argue, the weaker class children have become more. In addition the states in which the case-transition has taken place have led to the purpose of the school by it.

Our Scropy Development Health Guide is processed as a joint guide. In the first fortnight from 1st September, Std. 10 to 12 class opening indicator. Divide students and ask them to come to school on different days. That means 50 percent will be called one day and the remaining 50 percent the next day. School-time is also two-hour instead of 5-6 hours.

There are also 8 to 17 and 12 to 3 shift schools. Sanitize school key after each shift. 33% of the staff has been asked to run the school. Primary school students will be taught only online university.

Wash after 10 to 12 classis. Turn to students from 6th to 9th. The schedule is studied like the Swiss model. Ati months are intended to open school educational institutions.

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