When will Schools Reopen in the Corona Crisis? The government will take the opinion of the Guardians, Will Give These 3 Options

The coronavirus epidemic has hit business as well as education in 2020. Millions of children in the country and students studying in college have suffered a lot.

Schools and colleges across the country have been closed since March, and in many places even annual exams could not be completed due to the corona virus. Normally the session starts from April every year but this time it has not been possible and at the same time it is not confirmed when the schools will open.

Parents will be given these 3 options

Now the government has started formulating a strategy to reopen schools and colleges in the country.

At present, the government does not want to take any hasty decision which is detrimental to the health of children. The government will take any step towards reopening the school only after proper implementation of the Corona virus status and preparations to fight it, especially all the measures to protect children from it.

According to some reports, the central government is now slowly moving towards reopening the school college. The central government has sought advice on this. The Union Ministry of Education has asked the states and Union Territories to decide on a possible timeline and also directed that the opinion of parents be sought before opening a school-college.

MHRD has given three months option to start the school in August, September and October. In addition, they will have to state what will be expected from their schools after the school opens. Parents are also asked to state what they expect from the school for the safety of the children. Parents will be able to send their opinions via e-mail.

The strategy to start schools in Unlock-3 will be worked out

The ministry's exercise is also being linked to the Unlock-3 guide from August 1. Either way, the deadline for the guidelines presented under Unlock-2 is only July 31 in which schools were instructed to close. In such a situation, this exercise of the ministry is being considered very important. It is believed that based on this, the next strategy to start schools in Unlock-3 will be prepared

According to sources, a circular sent by the School Education and Literacy Department of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) said that teachers and parents of schools are expected to re-study when and how. The ministry has said it will respond by July 20.

The school has been closed since March following Kovid 19. Due to the Koro crisis, the government has decided to reduce the school syllabus for students from standard 9 to 12 by 30 per cent in the first week of July.

The HRD ministry said that due to the major epidemic, a lot of school-college time has been wasted and it is a good idea to reduce the curriculum so that children are not overburdened. It may be that the government will soon take effective action in this regard so that education is not further affected.

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