Gifts given to 54 lakh pensioners of SBI, launched Pension Service website

Gifts given to 54 lakh pensioners of SBI, launched Pension Service website

SBI, the country's largest public sector bank, has launched the SBI Pension Service website for 54 lakh pensioners. By logging in to this website, customers can get information about their pension. The SBI Pension Seva website is very easy to use. It will directly benefit the general public. Let us know how you can log-in to this website.

How to register pensioners ધાર Account holders who have a pension account in SBI have to register themselves on this website before using it. For this, you have to click Official 21882 42. • After this, click on the Registration tab at the top. - Now create a user ID of at least 5 characters. Now customers enter their pension account number. Then enter the date of birth. Enter the code of the bank branch paying the pension. - Now enter your register mail. Now create a new password and save it. - ID - Save Password. 0 0 0 After registration, mail will be sent to the registered mail ID of the customer. In this, a link for activation of your account will also be provided. Once the account is activated, the pensioner can login to the website with the registered ID and password. Keep in mind that after 3 consecutive failed login attempts, the account will be locked automatically.

This way you can complain if a pensioner is unhappy with any of the services of the bank. If so he can complain to the bank and to complain he has to send an SMS to 8008202020 by writing UNHAPPY. Alternatively you can lodge your complaint by calling toll free number 1820425380108,026599990. Similarly you can send emails to by visiting SBI's website.

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