English medium Standard 4th Unit Test Question paper July Month

English medium Standard 4th Unit Test Question paper July Month

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1.Try Active Studying

Active studying is as simple as asking questions before, during, and after study time. Not only does this help to offer your study session direction, but it also helps keep you on target and reflect on the way to improve for your next study session!

Questions to ask yourself before you study:

What am I close to learn?
What do I already realize this subject?
Questions to ask yourself while you study:

How does this information fit into a much bigger picture?
Do I understand what I even have just read?
Can I paraphrase it?
Are there any key words or ideas that i want to write down down? Why are these words and concepts important?

Questions to ask yourself after you study:

What am i able to deduct from this study session?
What do i want to review or learn next time?

2. Get an honest Night’s Sleep

Students of all ages should get a minimum of eight hours of sleep every school night. It’s the simplest thanks to make sure that the brain is refreshed and prepared to process all of the knowledge learned during the day. it's going to be tempting to remain up late to cram, but it’s more beneficial to urge enough rest.

A full night’s sleep is particularly important the night before a test—a good night’s sleep causes you to more alert and improves memory for test material, resulting in better test results.


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